Thursday , July 7 2022

Alien megastructure 2.0? Astronomers are looking for a strange behavior of the old star – RT World News


An old star of Milky Way has sparked astronomical research after a baffled astronomer seems that sight seems to be our lock. Possible descriptions become remotely machined from remote machining.

The VVV-WIT-07 star has been incredibly exciting since scientists shook themselves in 2012 from a group of astronomers. The researchers watched the show VISTA in telescope in Chile and in 11 shades it almost disappeared almost immediately after the disappearance of the next month.

Roberto Saito, from the Federal University of Santa Catarina, saw a star, and the group's findings have recently been published in the Royal Society of Astronomy.

A mysterious light of a star can block an object and give it a mystery to astonishing astronomers, which can not explain what apparent eclipse it causes.

"It has to be one million kilometers wide, and it can be very hard to block this star a lot." Eric Mamaj told astrophysicists American scientist. Mamajek discovered a horrible J1407 star obscured by a sized object of a planet 200 times larger than Saturn.

Saito's research compares comparisons between VVV-WIT-07 and J1407, as well as Tabby's star.

Tabby's star, or KIC 8462852, reflects a long-drawn-out alien maker whose light theories inspire. In March, new data collected on the stars suggest that dimming can cause dust, because the colors are blocking different intensities.

Although the bright effect observed on VVV-WIT-07 can be caused by a type of spatial cluster, nothing has yet been discarded. The astronomers hope to keep the object of heaven in search of more information and find a mysterious object that blocks its light.

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