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All Amazon Alexa products have been announced by CES 2019

CES was a massive year for Google Assistant announcements, but Amazon Alexa had a good deal of new integration, and often debuted the same product. There were many new Alexa integrations, the only way to cover it in an integrated manner is a great encounter.

Below we have seen all of Alexa's integration in the CES and have taken into account Google Assistant mentions and AI other voices, about different ecosystems.


The traditional ADT company of security has presented its new platform of the first CES brand, with a new application and a 7-inch tablet, a command panel, along with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. This ADT camera and sensor family system can be used to create a smart home security network, automatically automating geofencing and applications and voice controls automatically. Prices have not yet been set, but the new product will be available in the first quarter of 2019.


Instead of Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa instead of their products, Archos technology technology company makes one or more approaches. While hello smart screens are only Google Assistant, their quote Mate Alexa only smart display stock. The Mate comes with versions of Full-HD 5 and 7-inch versions, and especially Amazon-based Prime Video and Audible-designed applications that are regularly used for Amazon's deep ecosystem. Mate 5 and 7 will be available in the first quarter of 2019, $ 129 and $ 149 respectively.

ARCHOS Mate: Affordable Alexa-built Smart Home Bridge

In Paris – Thursday, December 20, 2018 – ARCHOS, the French pioneer of electronic consumer, today announces ARCHOS Mate, its newest AI innovation, in 2019 CES®, from 8 to 11 January 2011 in Las Vegas. ARCHOS Mate builds Alexa and offers a beautiful FHD touch screen with a 5 to 7 inch size and high quality speaker and embedded battery. This allows users to access their favorite multimedia content and create a home-made smart home bridge. ARCHOS Mate will be available at Q1 2019 for 5 and 7 years starting at $ 129.

"Increasingly, families are making life easier to buy oral-enabled devices. Combined with a product on the screen and Alexa, ARCHOS provides users with flexibility in viewing and listening to interactions," said Loïc Poirier, CEO of ARCHOS.

"We are responsible for working with ARCHOS and a first voice product that facilitates daily life for customers," said Jorrit Van der Meulen, VP of Amazon Devices International. "With Alexa integrated, all you need is your voice to control smart home devices, play music, manage shopping lists and more."

ARCHOS Mate 5 and 7 combine audio, visual and touch input to facilitate everything in your daily life:

More entertainment: Whether you talk or touch, users have several options
average You can listen to your favorite playlists with Amazon Music and other popular songs
streaming services Later, customers will enjoy the latest bingo merit
With Amazon Prime Video and thousands of voice spectacles available on your headset, for example
as well as the ability to display photos from your photos.

Video calls and messages manually: 5MP camera, thanks to Alexa and Skype,
Users make contact with their family and friends. With a simple voice command, they are
Immediately linked to beloved ones.

Smart House: Integrated with Alexa, ARCHOS Mate Bundles Controls All Smart Homes
Devices, security cameras, lights and thermostats to check who is who
door or boy room to turn off the bedroom.

Personal assistant: easy-to-maintain track of the day with Alexa. Reminders can be reminded by users
For the next important events, the following list components will be added to the list
Dinner and finish in the fridge by adding / removing items from the Amazon shopping list

ARCHOS Mate 5 and 7 pack:
Width 5 or 7 inches Full HD touch screen
First speaker
Synaptics' remote technologies & # 39; Two microphone driven.
5 MP front camera
A smart home bridge intelligent

Availability and price

In ARCHOS Mate 5 and 7, Q1 2019 will be available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish at and ARCHOS distribution partners' shelves, respectively, for $ 129 and $ 149.


Cavalier's The Maverick was a smart and attractive Alexa featured speaker, which was released last year, and nowadays the company has added another Alexa-enabled device with The Air, which is larger and LED watch display. It is aesthetically pleasing to the previous one. The 20W stereo speaker system is also a Qi wireless charging pad. The new product has not yet appeared on the company's website, but at the beginning of 2019 it would have to pay $ 300, according to a blog that broke at least one of the press releases.


One of Alexa's most pre-built products at CES was Daikin One +, a thermo-sensitive and intelligent controller for the automated HVAC system of the Daikin converter. The idea of ​​air quality control temperature and air quality is "watching air", along with other functional intelligent thermostat functions. The company still has not received any price or utility details yet the thermostat, as Google Assistant also accepts.

Introduce Daikin One + ™ Intelligent thermostat and Ecosystem for Air Intelligent Management

Integrated and sophisticated temperature control temperature + air quality solution for the largest HVAC company in the home appliance industry

HOUSTON & LAS VEGAS – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Daikin North America LLC today joined Daikin One + ™ Intelligent thermostat, a controller for aerial-inspired intelligence management. In addition to the typical smart thermostat, the entire boarding system controls the growing air quality module ecosystem, breathing air quality controllers and premium HVAC experience.

"Daikin philosophy is a simplicity: fitness-for-purpose, crafts, rigor, relaxation, feeling"

Daikin, the world's largest heater, ventilation and air conditioning manufacturer (HVAC), is a world-class innovative solution for residential, commercial and industrial applications for over 90+ years. Entry to Daikin One ™ In the ecosystem, Daikin is completing the status quo in the HVAC market, players have been conservative in adopting IoT technologies, and recently have left their mark on consumer electronics in the category of smart thermostats.

Daikin One + The intelligent thermostat is a smart thermostat with two-way communications that serves as a connection to the cloud connection and controller for the sophisticated and communicative HVAC systems. Along with HVAC systems for smart converters such as Daikin FIT ™ system, Daikin One The internal air quality module ecosystem offers a unique and integrated solution for controlling air temperature and air quality. People "See Air ™ " They penetrate the home and react to issues that give them a premium ambient air environment. That's it "Air Intelligence™. "

Daikin One + The smart thermostat differs from the other four smart thermostats:

1. There is no change in the activation or deactivation of the HVAC system. Other consumer electronics electronics for consumer electronics do not have HVAC equipment communication protocols. And, while other HVAC manufacturers provide personalized controllers, they lack a sophisticated interface and physical design.

2. Together with Daikin One It offers ecosystems, indoor air quality modules, including Daikin One air cleaner, Daikin One home air monitor and Daikin One The area monitor works closely together. For example, homeowners will be notified when a contaminant event occurs and they can run the HVAC system to reduce pollutants.

3. For his intelligence, Daikin One + Smart thermostats allow users to set different temperatures in different domiciles, to be comfortable for residents to stay out of the home.

4. Thermostat interface allows the user to decide how to control home temperature in two different ways: digital and analog. Daikin offers two technologies in simple and sophisticated control, in an elegant thermostat designed.

Recreate the thermostat: application of global design with extraordinary simplicity and premium experience

Daikin One + A smart thermostat was designed and designed, one of the leading designers of the Consumer Electronics and Silicon Valley products, in collaboration with Fred Bould of Bould Design. Bould, the designers of many iconic consumer devices, collaborated with Dubberly Design Office to develop the Daikin engineer's Houston user interface.

The thermostat design has two double squared structures with a sophisticated touchscreen high-resolution digital color screen on the left side, with the proven functionality of a classic analog control on the right. This document reflects good models of cognitive interaction (reading from left to right). To adjust the constant temperature adjustment, the frame is an ideal tool. For more controls, such as setting a schedule, it offers a menu system that is easy to understand for refined song skills. The simple touch screen offers full access to the whole range of settings.

New and meaningless users see the current temperature, check the power to see and watch the points. But faucets are another key feature: programming groups, "far away" sets of energy saving and air quality readings. Users allow the use of mobile applications and voice control through the major voice help platforms. Professional procurement can even deepen operations, but these settings go well with ordinary users.

It improves the touch-interface experience, indicating the current system of the projected bright orange or blue below the thermostat: orange heat, cooling. A proximity sensor reflects the thermostat approach to the preparation of the filter.

Daikin took the same attention to the design and development of the user interface, the mobile assistant application and the installation of the contractor installation.

"Daikin philosophy is a simplicity: fitness-for-purpose, crafts, rigor, relaxation," said Dennis Thoren, from the technology point of view, for Daikin. "We have explicitly designed it One + Intelligent thermostat for three audiences: temporary users want to change the temperature; The homeowners who put measures to maximize the efficiency and adapt to their needs, and finally, they had to work for our professional recruitments, people who install the system, with sophisticated technical needs. "

Right inside One + smart thermostat

An integrated Wi-Fi radio connects to the homeowner application over the internet, while the sub-GHz radio speaks of remote sensors data and home thermostats to control independent zones. The dual processor allows the thermostat to be connected to other thermostats and the company's application, it includes remote sensing data and the HVAC equipment for controlling the whole system maintains two-way communication. Geo fencing automatically reduces energy use and no one saves money at home, and the device reduces energy costs.

Daikin One Cloud is also well integrated with open home architecture, including Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The application application programming interface (API) for other home automation platforms, and consumers can make an effort, such as voice control. Also, Daikin One The cloud will make it possible to minimize the energy demand and effectively use the OpenADR 2.0 protocol to allow consumers to use lower electricity bills.

About Daikin

Daikin Industries, Ltd. (DIL) is a Fortune 1000 company with more than 70,000 people worldwide and one of the world's first air conditioning companies. Daikin North America LLC (DNA) is a subsidiary of DIL. DNA and its affiliates sell heating and cooling systems for residential, commercial and industrial, and are sold through a selective group of individual HVAC contractors. DIL manufacturing operations are located in Houston, TX and Fayetteville, TN facilities. For more information, visit

Additional Information:

Before purchasing this device, check the annual energy consumption, annual operating cost or energy efficiency assessment.


The new D-Link network and the Google Assistant / Alexa-enabled series of router and diffuser series usually strangle and build reliable speeds. Attractive to the gaming market, the Exo router provides a dual-core 880MHz processor and "Auto healing" function when a node fails on the network. Prices are not yet available, but the series will be available in the first quarter of 2019. Additionally, D-Link has announced new internal and external smart smart plugs, still unmarked price tags, but the second quarter of 2019 should be launched.


Swedish luxury bedding has a bed for integration with DUX. Integration is the result of collaboration with the company of the loudspeaker company, and the idea is very simple. Your bed becomes one of the most intelligent speakers of your home. By doing this, you can do any other things that you can do with light lighting or temperature changes or your smart home. Beds, however, do not seem intelligent. It is a luxury bed for $ 4,950, which puts regular mattress on sale and runs at DUXIANA stores in the United States at the beginning of May.

LAS VEGAS, January 7, 2018 / PRNewswire / – Dux has a simple and elegant system for controlling the latest technology with the latest version: it is a bed that goes into bed Alexa, aimed at bedtime routines.

DUX, in collaboration with stellé, with a loudspeaker loudspeaker company, announced the CES during the week in bed Las Vegas. Swedish luxury bed writers warned of their role to advance, to integrate technology logic through the products and features to promote a good sleep environment.

"Too much tech bedtime goes to bed, but when Alexa's bed starts with Alexa, we're changing that," he said. Ed Curry, DUX President of North America. "Our goal is to combine our ability to sleep in our science with voice-activated technology.

In bed online and in the United States, most DUXIAN stores will be available at the beginning of May. Queen bed, king and is available California King size regular size with retail trade $ 4,950.

In order to align the sleek commitment of DUX and Stellé, the module is scrupulously assembled at the bottom of the bed.

"Designs should create an emotional connection with a brand and a product," he said Wayne Ludlum, president and co-founder, stellé. "And we are fascinated to join voice and technology in the bedroom with DUX."

DUX has learned sleep science for almost a century to sleep as much as possible. It's as important as a bed, a quiet afternoon routine is also good for sleeping at night. This is the technological integration of DUX. Using the DUX synchronized in your bed, you can manage your home under the covers – without a finger.

"We know from 15 to 30 minutes when they are so important before bed, when you start to rest and sleep," Curry said. "The position of the DUX in collaboration with Stellé is the first step towards changing the illumination of lighting and the caretaker for bedtimeers who drive your afternoon meditation to change the conditions for sleeping conditions."

To learn more about the DUX bed, visit

About dux
For more than 90 years, DUX mixes sleep science in world craftsmanship to get some of the most advanced bedding. DUX, headquarters Swedish, promises to improve life, combining research, best materials and the most experienced craftsmen, in short, to offer a more healthy sleep. For more information, visit or one of its 22 American stores.

About Stellé
Stellé aims to create a targeted audio technology designed to match the sound and style of wireless products. Stellé awards distributors are speakers, reducing the gap between fashion, technology and design. Delivered unsurpassed sound, Stellé freely integrates Amazon Alexa's voice control and freeware network of units to live anywhere, anywhere or anywhere. For more information, visit


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The GE has added a number of new products to the A C home smart home brand in CES, light-colored light lights, a light-changing light source (with "mute" lights), a smart connector and a motion sensor. All products work with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit. Some product prices are still working, but the lights are between $ 40 and $ 75, while $ 25 is a smart plugin.


Kitchenware Gourmia has introduced several new smart applications, because the application is controlled with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Among the devices presented at CES: 7-a-quarter digital air locks ($ 180), 11 luxury multi-channel (currently not online), and 10 coffee machines and maker (not yet listed).

"Consumers' experience must be at the forefront of intensive cooking connected," says Gourmy Maker Heshy Biegeleisen. "It's important for us that they provide consumers with unrivaled appliances or to solve their needs, and we can do this with our special products with our smart products, the most innovative and innovative kitchen appliances, smart, hassle-free and smart cooking."

Gourmia IoT offers three users the opportunity to prepare food or drink.

1) Smart and smart mobile application applications can use exclusive Gouria. This allows the visitor to steal the cooking steps that can be made in almost every step of the way through iOS mobile devices or Android devices. With Mia, users can manage cookies, cooks and temperatures autonomously, find ideas for recipes and receive alerts. Mia is free and available at iTunes Store and Google Play Store.

2) Or just say "Alexa, ask Mia" or "Hey Google, ask Mia" to make a specific step through the Gourmia tool. It's done automatically and quickly.

3) Or if the user has an old school or a type of intervention, they can be done manually by hand.

Gourma will show the CIT 2019 IOT products.

  • 7th Digital Fourth Air Fryer (GAF678)Power, fresh air, frying and dehydrating, families that help to feed healthy foods, fries, heats, roasts and dehydrates foods without cooking fat and calories without oil – 100% free oil! However, fried food still has a great crisp divinity. There is a wide-screen NO window view, 10 chef-a-touch modes, RadiVection 360 ° Technology, a rapidly and rapidly-changing hot air in all directions, a hot-water system that fits faster than a 30% standard oven. , and a large accessory kit. GAF678 is an aerial fryer with chefs from all over the world, with a television personality, health and fitness expert and with Ama Cora Cat.
  • 11-in-1 Deluxe MultiCooker (GWCM695)This is a wide-awake wonder at 6.5. Shred cooked chili roasted chicken, sous vide, homemade yogurt, and more, at 11 in MultiCooker this takes cooking to the next level. Features have simple visualization with presets and adjustable controls, great glass glasses and a recipes book. Nonstick outdoor packaging does not mix in. An appliance, endless options.
  • 10-cup coffee grinder and grinder (GCMW4750)This Gourmia Coffee Maker is designed exclusively for coffee lovers because they drink their favorite cafe shops in their homes in comfort. It has an integrated ash The beans that transform the powerful grape or the brew combination automatically transforms the favorite raw bean roll into a rich and strong coffee; scheduler timer; LED display; They last 30 minutes in warm ability; and turn off the car. Sleek stainless steel body comes with a 10-liter glass glass glass.

ETL list
Gourmy takes the quality of its products very seriously. The company ETL certification is therefore that merchants and users can be sure that they sell and buy safe, efficient and high quality home appliances.

About Gourmia
Its main headquarters Brooklyn, NYGourmia cooking and healthy lifestyle. In the decades of small cooking gadgets, Gourmy's creators have been aware that cooks make it easier to use tools. For multi-cuisine and sellers, Gourmia's chef may have the best products for chefs and consumers. All company products are designed to provide greater innovation, performance and value models. For more information, visit


One of the world's most popular retail commodities in the world of home appliances is a large collection of home appliances in the United States this spring through Fyrtur's smart windows window, through remote physical, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit or Google Assistant. US prices have not yet announced, but with respect to European prices, shutters will be at about $ 136 at the start. The new Ikea home smart will be available in American stores starting on April 1.


The mobile accessory of IOttie has mounted a car with the show built by Alexa. The mountain has dual microphones and noise-ablaze software for filtering ambient sounds. You can change the microphones at any time. More than that, a very standard car is assembled. Prices are not yet available but will reach the first quarter of 2019.

iOttie Revolucionario Smartphone Launches Car Mount With Amazon Alexa, Free Eski Eski Eski Eskuzko Eskuko Eskura Eskura

iOttie continues to push the mobile accessories limit with Easy One Touch Connect with a high-quality unprecedented high-quality phone car.

LAS VEGAS – Jan. 7, 2019 – iOttie, one of the major accessory companies, today announced Easy
One Touch Connect smartphone car mount with Amazon Alexa. The first type of product, that is
Mount supports Alexa's most standard features and capabilities, including access to more than 70,000
Alexa skills from your vehicle directly. One of the Amazon One One Touch Connect developers
and incorporating its patented Easy One Touch mechanism, created by iOttie
mounting intelligent car The Easy One Touch Connect will be available at later in the first quarter of 2019.

"At iOttie, we are constantly innovating to improve user experience with their smartphones," said iOttie
CEO Eric Kang. "We're capable of designing Easy One Touch Connect with Amazon
Give more value to customers with Alexa interactively and easily
Road The Easy One Touch Connect saves your mobile phone securely and safely on the board
to focus on the road to the wind. With this device, we are expanding our potential and capabilities
Smartphones in every aspect of our lives ".

"We want to become more customers of Automobiles Alexa, which means creating the tool
Device makers like IOttie will automatically add Alexa to automotive products, "said Ned Curic
Alexa Auto at Amazon. "Easy One Touch Connect improves driving experience
Simple and intuitive mobile phone with mount-mounted mountings and Alexa-integrated, drivers can enjoy
Hand hands-free access to some of Alexa's favorite features while keeping your hands on the wheel
and eyes on the road ".

It is one of the first automotive accessories built with Alexa with Easy One Touch Connect from IOttie
Mobile accessories kit. Alexa skills with access to ten miles, users can ask Alexa
music, weather check, driving directions, controlling smart home appliances and others while enjoying
High-quality dual microphone and noise-canceling soft communication
ambient noise environment. This device also includes the iOttie patented Easy One Touch mechanism
This allows users to easily lock and erase the phone manually. Thanks to the high level of IOttie
shock-absorbing technology, Easy One Touch Connect offers you stability and security by iOttie
They have been aware and trusted to ensure that their smartphone is locked, so users can focus on the road.

iOttie will have an Easy One Touch show throughout the CES, from January 8 to 11, at LVCC,
South Hall 3 – 31514 and Pepcom Digital Experience! The Mirage, on Monday, January 7
It will be available later in 2019.

About IOttie

iOttie is a brand new accessory for New York's head office. The company was created in 2010
It has integrated new design technologies to create user-friendly products
improve everyday life. iOttie's goal is to develop products to ease customers' lives.
In search of new experimentation and constant concepts, iOttie 7 CES has been awarded
The Honoree Awards of Innovation from 2013 and continues to present new innovative products
on the market Currently, iOttie product categories portfolio is among the phone's mounting and accessories, wireless
chargers and potential devices and smart devices. For more information, visit


The new Elite 85h headset by Jabra offers services, such as Alexa, Siri and / or Google Assistant (depending on the user's preferences), for noise abatement and IP52 resistance. Additionally, to abolish noise, while minimizing battery compatibility with wireless headsets, Jabra promises 32-hour life, as well as the power of the device. Headphones will be available for $ 300 (or $ 400 in Canada, as the technology industry is in the northern neighborhoods) and Best Buy will be available in early April.


In JBL's new earpiece earphones and a new headset headset they are integrated into Alexa and Google Assistant, and you can simply insert some of them on the left-hand side. The Alexa-enabled Live series starts at $ 100 and reaches 650 BTNC headphones over $ 200, and also offers acoustic noise. Headphones are ready to go to spring retail stores.

Juno AI

As in the above-mentioned DUX smart bed, the Juno AI LED downlight aims to make digital help invisible. It's just a bright and simple, but JBL speakers and Amazon Alexa, so it's also a smart home warehouse. You can do things like saying commands and playing music, you do not have to bite Alexa puck. Prices are not yet available or availability information available, but there is a mailing list on the company's website.


Klipsch's audio sound has revealed new sound bars in CES, Bar 48W, integrated Wi-Fi and Alexa support, as well as AirPlay 2 and Google Voice support. The module has a width of 40 to 54 cm and prices start at $ 300 and can travel up to $ 1,600. Most of them will be available this spring, while others will be sent as soon as this fall.


We are waiting for all the connected technology: smart toilets. Kohler touched on water in the household currents in water, ads by Kohler Konnect at CES 2018. This year, many of its creations are available for sale with the Numi 2.0 smartphone, Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror and Veil Lighted Collection, all of which have Amazon Lightweight and some of them support the Google Assistant. The most interesting gadget in the above-mentioned items is, of course, an expert in the bathroom, which is very ridiculous and very luxurious. It offers personalized cleaning and drying functions when the seat is heated, with integrated speakers and multi-color lighting. It also sells $ 8,000. Find the rest of our coverage (super pricey) items here.


Amazon Alexa-ek gaituta dagoen Nanoleaf Challenger berri bat dago eszenan, eta izena LaMetric Sky da. LaMetric Sky-ek LED argiztapen pertsonalizagarria pertsonalizatzeko ideia bera hartzen du eta txikiak eta apalagoak egiten ditu mosaiko fitxak zuzeneko datuak erakusteko aukera. Oraindik ez dago prezioei edo erabilgarritasunari buruzko informazioa, baina aurten ager daitezke gehiago.


2-en izenburua, normalean, ordenagailu eramangarri baten hibridoa izan ohi da, baina Leninek 2-a-1 sartzen ditu aurtengo CES-ak pixka bat desberdinak direlako. Lenovo Smart Tabs Android pilulak guztiz hornituak dira, bistaratze adimendunak bikoizten baitituzte beren kai adimendunetan. Jende gehienek gailu horietako edozein erabiltzen duten neurrian, bi gauza horiek nahasteko erabakia zentzuzkoa da, gutxienez kontsumitzaileentzat. Bi bertsio daude, P10, hau da, $ 300 prima bertsioa eta M10 $ 200a. P10ren onura nagusiak specs hobeak dira (biltegiratze gehiago, RAM eta bateria handiagoa) hatz-markako sentsore bat, beirazko atzekoa eta inprimaki txikiagoa eta arinagoa. Amazonek eta Lenovo-ren webgunearen bidez aurreordainketak hasten dira hil honetan.

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