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All CBS Entry Requests Adapt to 10 Episode Stand!

All CBS Entry Requests Adapt to 10 Episode Stand!

CBS All Access orders 10 The episode adaptation of The Stand!

As a long feature feature, Deadline has given CBS All Access a 10-minute order Stand, Based on Stephen King's novel. Josh Boone (The fault of our stars, New mutants), the project is being developed every year, it will join the team SEAL team To correct the EP Ben Cavell, he will also direct it.

"I'm excited and I'm glad that Stand will have a new life on this exciting new platform." said the king. "People are men and women knowing exactly what they are doing; scripting is a dynamite, an offer that can be appalling and exciting. I think that the world will never move away from the audience."

"I read The Stand I was under the bed at age 12, and my battles burned our parents after finding our fireplace" Boone added. "I was stolen from Incensed, Dad's FedEx account, and King gave me a letter for my love for his work. Several weeks later, I came home to get to Maine, and I found several books, each written with gorgeous notes of God, my They encouraged me and thanked me for the fanatics, my parents who favored the king's grace and generosity, that day lifted his book ban, a story King himself wrote my first movie, and The Stand screened for five years. CBS All Access and I've found incredible partners of Ben Cavell. Together with Stephen King, Owen King, Knate Lee and Jill Killington, longtime partners, we'll bring you the latest version of King's Masterpiece. "

In a small town in New England a century ago, a shadow falls on a young boy playing toy soldiers. Jamie Morton has seen an amazing man, a new minister. Charles Jacobs, along with his beautiful wife, will transform the local church. Men and boys, Mrs. Jacobs, are in love a little; Jacobs likens both women and girls, such as Jamie's mother and dear sister, Claire. With Jamie, Reverend has a deeper connection based on a secret obsession. The family of Jacobs tragedy unexpectedly, this charismatic preacher curses God, makes all religious beliefs and divides it from surprised peoples.

Jamie has her demons. He plays for over ten, playing across the country while living the nomadic lifestyle of the bandwagon's rock-roll band, escaping from the terrible losses of his family. The midway of the mid-thirties, stuck in the hero, landed and desperate, he comes together again with Jamie Charles Jacobs, with the profound effects of both men. Their bond becomes a covenant beyond the invention of the Devil, and Jamie knows that revival has many meanings.

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