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Almost half of the North Americans have cardiovascular diseases, the study says

And during decades of decline, cardiovascular diseases have grown again, in 2016, 840,678 deaths and 836,546 in 2015, and according to the report of the Association Heart and Walk Report, published Thursday in the medical journal Circulation.

"Cardiovascular disease creates tremendous health and economic burden on the United States and around the world," writers said.

Prevalence of cardiovascular disease has reached 48.1%, 121.5 million, which is a significant significance over the last year's rate, although it defines high blood pressure. Hypertension guidelines were updated, with high blood pressure as a "hypertension" among 130/80 or higher; Previously, the definition was 140/90.

Cardiovascular disease among adults in the United States has a high prevalence of 9%, with a fall of 11.5% in 2015.

Dr. David Zhao, Managing Director of Cardiology and Director of Heart and Vascular Center Wake Forest Baptist Health, Winston-Salem, describes the new report as "painful reminder". Death and disease in the nation.

"In general, we've made a lot of progress," said Zhao, who had not participated in the report. However, "we have not yet done significant advances in obesity, diabetes and unhealthy behavior," it includes smoking, it does not exercise, it's a weaker and overweight diet. In 10 cases of 10 cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol can be controlled and a healthy lifestyle is maintained, according to heart associations.

The cartoonists show wonderful wins. Self-assessed inactivity has fallen in the fall of 1998, increasing the trend over recent years. Passivity fell from 40.1% to 26.9% between 2007 and 2016, the report shows.

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Over the past five decades, they have refused to smoke: 51% of men and 34% of women are smoked in 1965, 16.7% of men and 13.6% of women in 2015.

The news includes a new recommendation that adults have seven nights sleep to optimize health. A new study found that it was too much or too small – less than eight hours or less than seven hours each night – for all reasons, the death risk was higher.

"We have a commitment to reducing risk factors to reduce cardiovascular disease rates," said Zhao, highlighting obesity. Approximately 10 out of 10 children and 5 young people around 1 have obesity. 7.7% of adults and 5.6% of young people are serious, so find reports.

In addition, all the groups do not have the same divisions or never stop smoking cigars.

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"Prevalence rates for the main use of tobacco appear in Indian / Alaska Native Americans and in lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender populations, as well as people with low socioeconomic status, who have mental illness, people with HIV, who receive health care, and those who are active military", report notes. "In the last 6 years, e-cigarette use among teenagers has increased."

In general, Zhao believes that "a lot of work needs to be done."

We can see a downward trend among risk factors and cardiovascular diseases, "but we are not yet," he said. "What we all need to do is start thinking: what can we do together to improve our health, improve healthy behavior and reduce weight?"

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