Wednesday , October 20 2021

Although Ron Tavern had been arrested with the Toronto police, he was named OPP chief – now


Ron Taverner, the next chief of the Ontario Police, resigned his superintendent from Toronto Police.

It is not clear what the decision of Taverner is about before the OPP Commissioner. The Ministries of Security and Law Service Syliva Jones made a statement that the Government maintains its "full confidence" for a long time in the Toronto police.

Taverner resigned his resignation on Saturday, the Toronto Police said. Chief Mark Saunders accepted the movement on Sunday night.

"Today, the superintendent is commanding our Northwest neighborhood," said police spokesman Meaghan Gray.

Taverner was controversially appointed by the Progressive Conservative Government of Ontario as the next leadership of the OPP took place at the end of November. Taverner is a 49-year-old veteran of Toronto who drives division of Indar Etobicoke.

The curator of the Court of Appeals, Brad Blair, has sued the court for the Paul Dube opposition in Ontario to investigate the recruitment of Taverner.

Ontario NDP and citizen awareness group Democracy Watch has also called on appointment to conduct research.

Taverner asked his name in advance as a police commissioner detained after an investigation by Blair. He was now waiting to swear.

Ford refuses to participate

Taverner, who is the Doug Ford Premier's friend, did not meet the original job requirements. The PC government said jobs have dropped to attract more broader candidates.

Ford repeatedly refused to take part in the Taverner's appointment, and it was decided by a procurement panel.

Leader of the Official Opposition, Andrea Horwath, has repeatedly criticized Taverner's concern about political interference, said Queen's Park "in vain" at Taverner's decision.

As Horwath has explained, Taverner's "controversy over flooding controversy" has been made by Ontario.

It has also renewed calls for non-partisan priority committees to conduct research on the subject.

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