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Amarjeet Sohi prescribed NEB analyzes whether Canadian tube is being used with capacity


Rachel Gilmore, the producer of Power Play

Publication date Friday, November 30, 2018 7:11 PM EST

Amarjeet Sohi Ministry of Natural Resources has ordered the National Energy Directorate to evaluate whether or not gasoline can be used in Canada.

"The National Energy Council has published today for the assessment of pipelines," said Sohi Omar Sachedina, a host at CTV Power Play, on Friday.

If the reviews are "working properly" in Canada, optimizing existing capacity and, if necessary, what steps can we take? "He said.

The minister said that the NEB will report "as soon as possible".

Canada has been a crisis in the energy sector, with oil prices declining over the last few decades, falling US $ 14 per month. There is a lot of money in Canada as a key factor in the marketing of the product as a factor in the price problem.

Sohi warned the frustration of the energy sector on Friday when he met with Edmonton Chamber of Commerce.

Albertin's politician was proud of the Protestant when the pipes were approved and built.

Similar protests were also received by Bill Morneau, Finance Minister and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who had made provincial visits for the last 10 days.

Canadian oil price is much lower than the oil of other producers. Alberta Premier Rachel Notley has made clear that it is a differential, which has called a common "ridiculous" oil on Canada on Wednesday at CTV Power Play.

Premier proposed a solution to address the problem. The government of its province plans to purchase rail freight in order to market Albertine oil.

The current delay, he said, the economy is approximately $ 80 million per day.

"We need to fix this, and that's why we call the federal government, in the medium term, to help this problem," Notley said.

The federal government has not agreed to the purchase of the planned railroad, but Notley has said that "they will be promising to be promising."

In the meantime, the new NEB study could push Canadian oil movement, which is to say, if the board does not find its power to use all of its power.

Sohi does not give a full length of the results of NEB examinations.

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