Wednesday , January 26 2022

Amazon has sold 100 million Alexa devices


The company is excluded from Echo Dots through January, and Limp added.

Statistics do not provide Alexa's full extent. It is not clear what some of these devices are in a certain house, or how many people actually use the AI ​​wizard. When you bought an Alexa dishwasher, it does not mean that you are a commander, you may not know that the Amazon Assistant is an option. When electricity home appliances have more than 28,000 writing, this will make it a good choice, some of them will be shorter.

Then it's about the competition. It's harder to measure a competitor like Google Assistant, since many Android phones allow Assistant to be available, but they are not like smart speakers or other connected home devices. If Google does not offer its own data, it will be difficult to find out if Alexa is a dominant or a difficult challenge.

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