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Amtrak stranded to Seattle

Tammy Mutasa | KOMO News

Amtrak stranded to Seattle

Amtrak travelers took 36 hours to land on the Oregon snowstorm in Seattl on Tuesday night.

It was a great trip to the passenger, one after another, but finally the train took 11 from Seattle to Los Angeles to King Street Station.

"The nightmare feels honestly, it lasted forever and it's over," said Finn Friedman landed on the California train. "I'm sorry I'm not stuck anymore."

The end of the journey came to an end almost two days later.

First of all, the train stopped storming on Sunday night and 183 passengers landed in the midst of Oakridge (Oregon) hills.

Then, after traveling again to Seattle, there was another delay when he fell into the railway line over the Columbia River.

Fire crews flew during fire fires while waiting for Portland.

The majority of the travelers reached other stops, but eventually they became Seattle.

Friedman, from Santa Barbara, said that the feeling of relief is constant.

"If I like it, I literally broke the tears, because I was frustrated and wanted to go home," said Friedman. "I was like myself," when I am home to my mom and dad and my family? "

Friedman took the train as quickly as possible, but he flew horribly, but after he had passed, he soon did not ride the train.

Amtrak said that all passengers will receive their full refund and, in a corresponding case, they will offer additional compensation.

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