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An analyst reduces iPhone sales forecasts; This time, the iPhone XS Max is cut almost half

Still other analysts Quote from the first quarter of 2019 is cutting off iPhone Reuters, Citi Researche has reduced its forecasts of 50 million and 45 million euros in the quarter, mainly due to the iPhone XS Max demand.

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Citi will send a general shipment of 5 million euros to its forecast so that its XS Max prediction will be much more successful. The company forecasts a 6.5-inch device as a result of 48% of the first quarter of 2019.

In an investor note, Citi analyst William Yang is entering iPhone into a period of release, because the supply chain is not good:

"The material that we have seen in our forecasts is that the 2018 iPhone is entering the phase of disappearance, because it is not well supplied to the supply chain," wrote analyst William Yang customer's note.

The iPhone XS Max Apple is the most expensive iPhone that sells Apple, starting at $ 1,099, making the entry level model and $ 1,449.

Citi Research is not the iPhone's first Q1 2019 outlook for the first time. Earlier this month, Rosenblatt announced that Apple would cut iPhone orders by the March quarter of 2019. Rosenblatt, however, would take iPhone XR's most successful Apple cutting cutting orders around 2.5 million units. Ming-Chi Kuo also reduced its sales budget by 20% in the first quarter. Kuo announces 38-42 million sales (down from 50 million in 2018).

The Wall Street Journal has for the first time reported that Apple has cut iPhone orders across the board, due to difficulties in predicting demand on three levels. Apple suppliers have expanded expectations, probably due to Apple's reductions.

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