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An ancient elephant-sized herb discovery called "amazing"


BERLIN – The giant mouth and plant origin of the beak, the reptiles have the characteristics of treading the earth in the Middle Triassic, more than 200 million years ago, according to scientists. In a paper published in the Science magazine on Thursday, Polish researchers say the discovery is that dinosaurs were huge vegetable eaters.

Lisowicia Bojani, an elephant, after a poland southern village, found traces of it, such as the mammalian evolution.

Similar decoder fossils have been found somewhere else, but dated from the previous era, before some natural disasters eradicated most of the Earth's species.

"As a result, we thought that extinction of Permian, mammals and relatives were prone to dullness, while the dinosaurs grew up in size," said Grzegorz Niedzwiedzki, a Swedish paleontologist at Uppsala University.

The discovery of giant frozen giant sauropods at the same time – a branch of a dinosaur family of icons with long-standing iconic diplomat followed – suggests that late-radical radicals suggest environmental viability, researchers said.

Christian Kammerer, a dicynodont specialist at the North Carolina Natural Science Museum, did not find Lisowicia's "exciting" size.

"Permian and Triassic were known for the first time, but it's never that scale," he said.

Kammerer said, at the same time, that dicynodonts and dinosaurs existed, there was still no habitat. He questioned the attitudes of Lisolicia's attitude.

"However, in general, I think this is a very interesting and important paper, and it shows us to still know a lot about mammals early on relatives Triathic," said Kammerer.

Last year, a research was proclaimed new species names The champion of all the dinosaurs, 76 tons, was a behemoth of vegetable eating as heavy as a space shuttle.

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