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An Apple salesman says that it is the only reason to buy an iPad Pro



Design for designers?

Image: Jason Cipriani / ZDNet

My friend Edith asked for something specific this year.

He was happily retired and, in order to find out what Christmas Eve wanted for Christmas, he had the only idea: "Oh, the new iPad Mini would be nice."

Edith – Of course, I have changed its name for safety – you understand the supreme circle, you understand. And he praises his friend next year, everything he thinks is better and good.

At Christmas, Edith opened a friend's gift and there was an iPad Pro. Friends knew best, of course.

Edith was crestfallen. He did not want so much. He told me: "I want to do my research, not to travel, and often a notebook in my other hand, and it's a bit easier to travel."

But how do you tell someone who knows better that you do not appreciate your gift? You do not

Edith went to an Apple store to exchange the Mini Pro iPad Mini. Of course, he did not receive it, so Apple Store vendors had sympathy, but there was no offer of exchange.

Edithe described the scene as follows: "I told the back story that I was a pretty girl from the Apple store. She was not a smart reporter, as I expected," Oh, iPadPro – you're lucky, super, what's wonderful today. "

Edithe speaks, you see. Really replied. British (very) British could be called.

But what did Apple say in my store "pretty girl"?

Edith's message said: "Hmmm, you really need iPadPro if you are a graphic designer."

I often consider Apple store salespeople and its fascinating opinions.

However, I think that Pro is just for Graphic Designers, a line that Apple has never heard. In fact, the company has been very proficient for a laptop that emphasizes Pro. Even, well, that's not it.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has said these words: "Why would you buy more computers?" Given the glory of iPad Pro.

Of course, large screens, powerful power and magical pencils give graphic designers a lot of fun, many of them predisposed by the use of Apple devices. (It's the thing of the image).

It is curious, however, to distinguish between the only people who need a Pro to sell a Pro. Why not long ago, Apple emphasized that the young iPad Pro users did not know what a computer is. And they were not graphic designers.

Once again, what sales opportunity can be a great marketing vendor.

In the personalized person's world, why would not Apple create specific professional devices?

Is an iPad Pro for an Architect?

Not at all. What do you think? This is the auto vendor iPad Pro.

Oh, and if you're worried by Edith, Mini bought it and Pro gave it to his husband.

He likes to watch movies and TV shows. It is an accountant.

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