Tuesday , June 22 2021

Andrew Scheer casts Kevin O & # 39; Leary's star on the triumph of Trudeau's liberal 2019

OTTAWA – The Conservative Leader, Andrew Scheer's Prime Minister's campaign next year will be the star of businessman Kevin O & # 39; Leary, two said in Toronto on Monday.

O & # 39; Leary faced Scheer against the leadership of conservative parties rather than facing Scheer's chief Maxime Bernier. Then, O & # 39; Leary and Scheer strengthened the victories of the 2019 Liberals.

The couple made a response and session session to Ryerson University for students and other conservatives, showing their cooperation.

"We need a new director, we need a new government, we need a new policy. That's why it's here," said O & # 39; Leary, gesturing toward Scheer. "We will do all this across the country."

O & # 39; Leary says the country needs a "weak and weak manager" to save.

"Everything is weak," he said. "We need a spatula … Clean it and start it again."

For his part, Scheer said he liked talking about being a "conservative Canadian audience". Under it, parties have consistently published their second opinion in public opinion polls before Green Democrats, but rarely the top spot against Liberals.

"We will fire and we will hire," said O & # 39; Leary about the Government's Tory plan. "So I'm motivated to get out there and I'll smell it because of that change, I smell the winds of change."

Brock Harrison, a spokesman for Scheer, said the plan was to organize the couple together.

If Bernier is a relationship between his former and former opponent, he did not show Monday. He left today's conservative, calling it "morally corrupted." O & # 39; Leary opted for his conservative leadership, but his new movement was not The People's Party.

We're hiring and renting

Tim Powers, the conservative strategist and the Summa Strategies of Otmawa consulting partners, said Scheer would learn from O & # 39; Leary, the conservative parties will be able to get out of sight.

"Mr., O & # 39; Leary is a unique character. Maybe there may be lessons that can be learned as long as it is linked to the thousands of years," said Powers.

But there are also risks associated with the alliance, Powers said, as O & # 39; Learyk Scheer pisses on his powerful personality.

"Let's not get ourselves. Kevin O & # 39; Leary makes Kevin O & # 39; Leary do everything he's doing and makes good comments, and Andrew Scheer can wear them," said Powers.

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