Saturday , May 8 2021

Announcements of Cannabis Store Lottery Announcements

The Ontario Alcohol and Gaming Commission has named the 25 winning lotteries names to claim the first cannabis retail licenses in the province.

The winners, selected from 17,000 applicants, 3:16 p.m. Friday and it was released this afternoon.

Entrepreneurs are largely non-corporations.

Two of the provincial northern winners are Anton Lucic and Saturninus Partners.

More information about the winners was given, as well as the communities in which they live.

The readers with additional knowledge of the two winners of the North are asked to contact our newsletter by email at [email protected]

The winners have a valid five-day period for applying for a formal request for 50,000 euros and a non-refundable 6,000 dollars fee.

Ontario's first private cannabis stores are expected to be open

Until then, gambling can be sold through the website of the Provincial Government website.

The following were named a list of North Hopes:

  • Arielle Grinberg
  • Christopher Douglas Emmons
  • Blanchart Arunasalam
  • RuzHal Canna Corp.
  • Christina Kelly
  • Eden Ifergan
  • 2600207 Ontario Inc.
  • Jayde McElroy
  • Justin Femia
  • Com3xprt Inc.,
  • Makwa Resourcing Inc.
  • Newman Rosenberg Inc.
  • Lena Triebe
  • 11183362 Canada Inc.
  • Kuljeet Kaur Kang
  • Scott Sheehey
  • Manan Shah
  • Alexander Shorser
  • Sabrina Brown
  • Ishrat Muhammad

In other provinces, the winners are:

  • Daniel Telio (East Region)
  • Brandon Iong (East Region)
  • Patterson and Lavoie (East Region)
  • Karan Someshwar (East Region)
  • Heather Conlon (Toronto region)
  • Seyedarash Seyedameri (In the Toronto region)
  • Colin Campbell (Toronto region)
  • Dana Michele Kendal (Toronto region)
  • Hunny Gawri (in the Toronto region)
  • Guruveer Singh Sangha (Greater Toronto Area region)
  • David Nguyen (Greater Toronto Area region)
  • Tripsetter Inc. (Greater Toronto Area region)
  • Alexander Altman (Greater Toronto Area region)
  • CGS Foods Inc. (Greater Toronto Area region)
  • Gary Hatt (Greater Toronto Area region)
  • Steven Fry (western region)
  • Lisa A Bigioni (western region)
  • Ranjit bass (western region)
  • 2674253 Ontario Inc. (western region)
  • Santino J Coppolino (west)
  • Christopher Comrie (western region)
  • Niagara Herbalist (western region)

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