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Anti-media advertising campaigns against advertising, against obesity before 9:00 p.m.

Junk food ads should be banned in digital outdoor billboards, social media and TV, to protect children until 9pm.

According to the Health Obesity Alliance (OHA) measure desperately needed & # 39; is to face the rise of childhood obesity.

OHA indicates existing prohibitions – Bar TVs show children's fast food television ads, but children's audio-visuals are not enough.

According to current laws, fatty acids, sugars and salts (HFSS) mean loopholes are predicted to be healthy foods. Commercial shows such as X Factor, Got Talent in UK, or live sports, are popular with younger audiences. .

Similarly, junk food ads can not be added to children's websites, but children can be seen in sites, apps, and social media as they get into their sign-ups, as their interests come with adults.

According to current regulations, HFSS product ads are not intended for children, and they do not advertise these products in any medium, if more than 25% of the audience is under 16.

However, the OHA said that the rules do not include "a large number of channels and outlets that children consume in the media in 2019".

OHA refuses to see or see junk food ads before 9pm.

Campaigns want to ban banned fast food bans before 9pm

Dr. Emma Boyland, senior lecturer at the University of Liverpool, said: "The research has shown on several occasions that exposure to healthy food advertising has a negative impact on children's diets.

"Additionally, we know that overweight or obese children refuse to advertise their influence, which is more harmful when they see junk food magazines than those with healthy weight.

"The regulation update is desperately needed."

That one-month TuGov poll that indicates that the public accepts this measure, 69% helps fast food to childhood obesity. Some 72% prohibit preventive ads on healthy foods on families' TVs, 70% warn that ads without alcohol in the trash will not appear before 9pm. Outdoor ads or bus-stop posters protects 68% of preventative ads.

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Junk food ads should be banned before 9pm to protect children?

Headed by OHA, Caroline Cerny said: "Agreeing with more than two thirds of the country, garbage food advertising helps childhood obesity, it is clear that urgent action is needed, so any government policy should use advertisements to use a broad channel of media, both at home and at home. away

"The 9-minute waterfall of collecting all sorts of garbage ads is the clearest and most effective measure that advertising revenue can not be transferred to other media, wherever it can be protected by harmful junk food for children."

According to the Government spokesman, "childhood obesity is one of the biggest health problems in these countries, and a key part of our plans for the 2030s is that children's exposure to sugar and fatty foods increases.

"That is why our next publicity inquiry will be considered more advertising restrictions on television and online products.

"Conditions for reducing the lifestyle of type 2 diabetes and heart disease are at the heart of our child's long-term plan."

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