Wednesday , January 26 2022

Anyone who is 100% cared for in an AEW Ring


Cody Rhodes directed to the media last night, after Jackson's Double or Nuclear Elite Fighter Elite, and a wrestler injured in a AEW ring was completely covered by the company.

Our Ross Berman participated in Jacksonville media and released the following videos and comments, while Cody and Brandi Rhodes interviewed the media:

"I can not tell you too much, but I will tell you that the boys and girls with a lot of worries are coming out of the door" why do I ring? "This is the WWE Palm co-insurance. Anyone who injures an AEW ring will be 100% protected by AEW.

Rhodes also made first comments on all talents and men, with the same pay scale being evaluated in the case. Cody has said that the purpose of the promotion is to increase the profile due to the increase in wages due to the fact that the goal of caring for fighters such as the television industry is to assume their actors:

"My goal is that many people know that, I want to see a fight like a television industry. I've done a few, but those who get this treatment and your time on the screen … is as complex as a proactive fighter, as is known and careful You are required. "

Cody also said he would pay more for the plans and tighten the company's infrastructure afterwards or doubled. Check out the full clip below.

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