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Aphria appoints a review committee, a massive accusation game


A study lawsuit company is selling a company that has started an attack on Aphryan drought cannabis on Thursday, releasing reports against bombs including shells and back suits.

Aphriak said on Thursday morning that the new allegations were public, which were named "a special company" to revise the latest collection of Latin American businesses. These assets were one of the objectives of Hindenburg Research's first set of allegations, as alleged by Aphria as a "black hole", without losing shareholders and hundreds of millions of dollars.

The research company sent a second volleyball on Thursday afternoon.

"Aphry study brought a company from Aphria to Liberty Health Sciences, which is why we found a number of irregularities that clarify the doubts about more than one think," said Hindenburg on Thursday.

Aphria CEO Vic Neufeld and other executive executives are not available to comment.

Aphry is part of a scheme organized by a network of participants.

Hindenburg bought Liberty's intellectual property this year. But rather than buying assets, Hindenburg said that they had been bought through a new organization, shell shelle earned C $ 5 million in 6 days. "

Hindenburg also claims that the shell's holders were Aphry, Scythian and Liberty, the partner / insider dealer Andy DeFrancesco, and the "Securities Exchange Commission" to run several "pump and dump schemes".

"Once again, this transaction was conducted under the leadership of Vic Neufeld as President of Liberty," says Hindenburg.

The Court's analysis company "strangers bought $ 242 million in Liberty for $ 0.001 in a privileged job", after Aphria spent approximately a few days buying shares at 208 times.

"Based on the Canadian Securities Exchange Registry, Aphria / Liberty Chairman Vic Neufeld participated in this discount round, along with Andy DeFrancesco," Hindenburg has argued.

On Friday, Friday, Aphrya summoned allegations of "defects and misleading" on Wednesday. The company did not give a specific complaint in its statement.

"We are committed to recovering our shareholder protection and market confidence by ratifying all the events through an independent process and receiving frauds," said Vic Neufeld, Aprhia chief executive officer. "Until then, as usual in Aphria, we continue to pursue important steps as our first-class cannabis company in solidarity".

The stock price of Aphria has been held for the first time since public complaints have been filed.

Pennsylvania customs law launches an anti-Aphry action lawsuit in allegations.

Kaskela Lawsuit complained about the names of the people who bought the Values ​​of Aphry on July 17, 2018 and on December 4, 2018. The law firm is looking for investors who suffered losses of more than $ 250,000.

Producer workers will be shown on September 19, 2016, in a marijuana tape at Aphria's Leamington operations. Poor staff had to destroy $ 1 million in the summer.

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Classes believe that the courts "made false and misleading statements during the class period."

The court also admits that Aphrius did not say to investors that "they did not have a non-profit license and would be over-invested" by assets of Latin American assets and "buying Iberoamerican assets" would enrich the company's CEO and other shareholder insiders. "

Kaskela also alleges that "investors bought Aphria securities at artificially inflated prices due to the behavior of the defendants who suffered the Class's period and the loss of investment."

Igotzek Gabriel Gregok continues his initial Monday attack, the founder of Quintessential Capital Management. The delegates at a conference in New York told Aphrian that the inflatable investment had huge investments. In a report with Hindenburg, Grego said Aphry, US $ 2 million in capitalization last week, basically no one. Two Quintessentials and Hindenburg denounced Aphry stock short sale. If a short seller can discount a security price.


The Aphria statement announced on Thursday morning that its board of directors appointed "independent commissions" to independent directors of the company LATAM Holdings Inc. Revision of the last collection of the company, closed on September 27, 2018. The Commission will "confirm the work" that the company agrees with the company's policies and generally accepted corporate governance practices, "said Aphriak.

"The company's Board of Directors reaffirmed confidence in the acquisition process and its Latin American operations and strategies," Aphriak said. "However, due to inaccurate and misleading accusations of some short sellers, their only interest is to make a breakdown of the company's shares, an integrated review by a special committee of independent directors, is being carried out, as well as the support of Aphria shareholder" .

Aphria Inc. CEO, Vic Neufeld's center, Aphria staff Aphria Inc. BBQ has sold cannabis legalization at Jose Le Barne and Grill parking lot on October 17, 2018.

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The Special Committee is composed of John M. Herhalt, Shlomo Bibas and Tom Looney. Aphria said Herhalt, the independent director and the head of the Audit Committee, who will lead the special committee.

"Each of these partners is independent, and after closing the agreement to the Council," said Aphri. "Allows the Special Committee and expects it to assist independent consultants in their review."

We have realized that the attempt to hide the true nature of these transactions is systematic.

Hindenburg released a blockbuster report this week, according to other accusations, Aprhia Latin America's latest transactions are ineffective.

"Aphry is part of a Aphry scheme that is targeted by a network of opinion leaders to divert funds from their pockets," said Hindenburg in its online report this week.

Hindenburg bought $ 280 million of Aphrya in Latin America for "big red flags" and "largely unreliable."

Hindenburg claims that Aphrya's 145-million-dollar official purchase office in Jamaica has claimed "the abandoned building sold by the Bank this year."

The Criminal Investigation Company, Aphria, also acknowledged $ 50 million in Argentine purchases for publicly selling US $ 11 million in 2017. A US $ 430 million in revenue from 2017 is said to be a company employee. "

"The documents that demonstrate that Aphry's insiders were likely to be beneficiaries of these deals," alleges Hindenburg. "We have noticed an occurrence to hide the true nature of these transactions being systematically verified."

The court did not report any complaints.

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