Monday , January 18 2021

Aphria has reaffirmed the CEO, the founder of the brotherhood producer's departure

Aphria Inc. has confirmed Friday that two key executives will leave Canadian Cannabis Grower remotely in the coming months.

The executive director of Vic Neufeld and the founder, Cole Cacciavillani, in the sixties, their roles and the President of Aphry agree with Jakob Ripshtein, and Irwin Simon, Leamington, Ont. New Release After the transition, Mr. Neufeld and Mr. Cacciavillani will be special advisors on the bench and in the chair until they are appointed as the new CEO.

At the same time, the Aphria CEO declined to clarify the doubts about the agreement, sale and exploitation of the cannabis company

His trips were first reported to The Globe and Mail on Thursday night and a few weeks had passed after Aphry attacked two short sellers for one of his last transactions.

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"Vic and I have been hard at work for decades to build large businesses, but now, in our sixties, we are leaving the demands of the world's leading organization," Mr. Cacciavillani said. "The end of the meetings, trips, periods, search for talent – will continue to grow the list of executive responsibilities."

Aphry's shares jumped 8 percent from the beginning of the trade and, while the company received a call for revenues, rose to 9.36 million.

On Friday, Aphrian also published results in the second quarter. In three months, November 30, it had net income of $ 22 million, which sold 3,409 kilograms of cannabis. He has also published net income of $ 55 million, especially Hiku Brands Company Ltd. and Liberty Health Sciences Inc. for sale of shares.

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