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Aphria Responds to Non-Demand Proposals for Green Growth Marks

LEAMINGTON, ON, December 28, 2018 / CNW / – Aphria Inc. ("Aphria"or"Business") (TSX: APHA andNYSE: APHA) today Xanthic Biopharma Inc. d.b.a. responds to the exclusive proposal. Green Growth Brands Ltd. (CSE: GGB) ("GGB") Acquisition of all ordinary shares of the company in stock stock.

According to the volume of GGB's average stock price of 20 days, and 1,5664 common shares, for each Aphria share, the proposed bid would be less than 23% of the company's average quota at the same time. Aphry shareholders need to be aware that the GGB's unparalleled value offer is based on a hypothetical assessment of its own shares, unrelated to current prices.

The management of the GGB presented the offer of Aphrya in the morning December 27, 2017, and immediately went public with his proposal, less than six hours later and after closing the market the same day. The Board of Directors considers that the GGB has achieved a highly conditional offer compared to the company's current and future values.

Irwin SimonThe Professor said: "While the GGB is interested in Aphria and the value developed in our advanced growth forecasts, proposals must be made by shareholders to participate in this transaction, and the proposed bid is very dangerous for the mediation of the GGB mediation, more than double the final price average, as a proposal key ".

Simon added, "The Commission has determined that the proposal of the GGB, as it stands out today, significantly reduces its commitment. Aphria market is a great opportunity as a leader in the sector and is a strategic vision to respond to these opportunities, value for the benefit of all our shareholders."

The Aphria Board of Directors has created an independent board of directors based on this proposal and the formal tenders received. As foreseen, Aphria Green Acre Capital Fund II has a passive investment. This means that the company has invested in several large corporations, including GGB. The independent commission completes the management of Green Acre Capital Fund II or GGB. Aphria continues its corporate strategy, including an international expansion plan, and its single assets growth.

For more information, visit: aphria.ca

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION AND WHERE WE ARE: The offer described in this Communication ("Offer") has not yet begun, and this communication is not intended to be used to buy a bid or offer an offer to sell ordinary or other stock of the company. From the beginning of the offer, the AGENDA offer offer, including the purchase offer, a conveyer letter and related documents, will be made with Xanthic Biopharma Inc. with the SEC, and Programming Recommendations / Recommendations will be carried out by the company 14D-9. The purchase of the common shares of the company will be made in accordance with the purchase offer, including Schedule. Investors and security holders demand that they read an offering offer offer and a request / recommendation statement, so that they can be modified from time to time so they can have important information. When investors and security holders have a free copy of these statements (when available) and other documents stored with the SEC, www.sec.gov or www.aphria.ca company's website www.sec.gov-

NOTICE OF ADVICE NOTE: In this news release, certain information is provided for by specific laws in accordance with the law. Declarations that do not contain statements in the historical state may be statements that are future statements. Forward looking statements are often identified as "maybe", "need", "predict", "expect", "potential", "believe", "intent", or refusal of terms and similar expressions. The statements contained in this release are included in the statements, internal expectations, estimated margins, expectations, expectations of real volume of production, future prospects for future growth and costs, capital project or extensions. and expectations about future production costs. The predicted statements are necessarily known as unknown and unknown risks, including the general economic conditions, without limitation. reverse events industry; marketing costs; market losses; development of future laws and development rules; It is essential to have sufficient capital of both internal and external sources and / or sufficient access to capital in appropriate conditions; cannabis industry in In Canada In general, income tax regulations and regulations; Aphrian's ability to implement business strategies; competition; crop failure; currencies and interest rate fluctuations and other risks.

The readers warn that the table above is not accurate. Readers pay more attention to the fact that future expressions are not trustworthy, since plans, intentions or hopes are not guaranteed. This information, although reasonable management, at the time of preparation, can be corrected, and the actual results may be anticipated.

The future statements that appear in this release are starting from the date of this news release and the company does not undertake to update publicly, such as future statements, new information, subsequent events, or otherwise, unless applicable securities are required.

The advanced statements contained in this release are categorized as expressions of this denial.

SOURCE Aphria Inc.

For more information on the media, please contact: Tamara MacGregor, Vice President, Communications, Aphria, tamara.macgregor@aphria.com, 437-343-4000 or Dan Gagnier / Jeff Mathews, Gagnier Communications, 646-569- 5897; For investor inquiries, contact: John Sadler, Vice President, Investor Relations, john.sadler@aphria.com, 519-919-7500.

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