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Apple annuls the Google company developer certificate

Apple has revoked Google's business developer certification to make it easy for Mountain View to search the giant internal iOS applications.

News reported The Virgin, citing "the person who knows the situation," and Google uses the "Screenwise Meter" iOS application to control the use of the iPhone device within an iPhone research program.

Despite Google's disabling Screenwise Meter iOS app, on January 30, 2019, The Virgin"The source said the publication" Google Maps, Hangouts, Gmail, and "the first versions of advanced beta versions of previous versions" continue to work.

Gbus transport application and apps such as the company's cafe application have also been damaged.

Google spokesman said MobileSyrup Google "Working with Apple continues to break casual breaks with some of our iOS corporate applications, and we hope we'll fix it soon."

Apple continues to make the decision to cancel Google's business developer certification TechCrunch Google & # 39; Research & # 39; Google used a similar data collection application.

Cupertino canceled the Menlo Park certificate TechCrunch report Facebook Facebook among users between 13 and 35 users paid in $ 20 a month, the Research application sideload released iOS device to collect phone and web activity.

A Facebook spokeswoman has said MobileSyrup On January 31, 2019, "fundamental incidents in this market research program" were excluded.

"Despite the early reports, there was nothing" secret "about it, it was literally called Facebook Research App," said Facebook MobileSyrup.

"It was not" spying "because the people who participated took part in a clear packing process.

Facebook said the teenagers had less than five percent of the participants in the market research program.

"All of them have signed their parents' consent form," added Facebook.

Apple's Enterprise Programs & # 39; Developers provide tools to build internal applications that can be installed outside the iOS App Store limits.

According to a previous statement The VirginAs Apple explains, "any developer can use their company's certificates to distribute consumers to their certificates".

It is interesting that Apple suggests that it may decide to revoke Google's certification, which Cupertino did not direct to Menlo Park, and expects that the world's leading technology companies act like all iOS developers.

Google has turned off the Screenwise Meter iOS app, Android version is still available on the Google Play Store, indicating that the market research program is still active.

Source: Virgin

Update 01/31/2019 6:04 pm ET: Depending on a tweet New York Times Mike Isaac's reporter, Apple has regained its Facebook developer certification.

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