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Apple Canada charges customers for HST / GST from January 1


Canadian Apple customers are watching GST / HST charges to buy or rent iTunes.

Marketing and public relations consultant Trevor Taylor Tweeted on January 1, 2019: "Is there anybody else paying a premium for the first Canadian @AppleMusic subscribers? Suddenly will I be charged with HST at $ 9.99?"

iPhone in Canada As of January 7, he also saw a new HST / GST charge when renting.

In the screenshot, it compares the two-time rental rates on the dates that reflect changes. In the first image, $ 4.99 had been charged for a new CAD deal by the New Year's previously booked car that was $ 5.59 (the customer was based in British Columbia, where sales tax was 12 percent).

Apple has confirmed Canada MobileSyrup Changes will cause some products.

"As the most important taxpayer in the world, we are paying tribute to important social issues. Recent changes in Canadian legislation and the growth of our business will make purchases of television, movies, music and audio books," says a spokeswoman for Apple.

The company made changes to the new fiscal tax on Canadian legislation after its entry into force on January 1, 2019. Legislation is in Québec.

This law was revealed in March 2018, the Quebec Government's Digital Sales Tax Plan was requested by the non-resident digital services provider that registered, collected and sent Tax on Sale.

The non-resident digital business had to register at the beginning of the new year, as the rule says.

This rule applies only to the province of Quebec. With respect to the rest of Canada, there are no standard rules for taxpayers of non-resident digital businesses.

January 2017 CBC According to the internal government document, the federal government arranged foreign supply taxes such as iTunes, Netflix and Spotify.

This document suggested that not having a tax "does not only indicate that the government has a significant loss of tax revenues, but the digital home provider may also incur disruptive unfair competition."

Federal parliament members have argued that foreign digital businesses will be subject to a tax, but legislation does not go into effect.

The taxpayer's decision anticipates that the company can influence the movement of all foreign digital businesses, and at the same time matches the decision that changes Quebec's most recent legislation.

It's also important that Apple has been in Canada for 38 years. The company charges HST / GST for most other products and services.

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