Sunday , May 9 2021

Apple considers the Samsung and MediaTek 5G modems for 2019 iPhones

(Reuters) – Apple spoke with Samsung Electronics and MediaTek as well as the vendor, Intel will provide 5G modem chips for 2019 iPhones, according to Apple executives, on Friday, in a trial between Qualcomm and the US Federation of Commerce Federation.

Between 2011 and 2016, Apple was the only provider of Qualcomm-based San Diego to help connect iPhones to wireless networks. Starting in 2016, Apple distributed a business between Intel and Qualcomm, but in 2018, Intel only moved Intelera to new phones.

But Apple's supply corporation director Tony Blevins reminded Apple on Friday that MediaT and Samsung, one of the biggest enemies in the mobile phone market, provide the next generation of 5G wireless networks. These networks are expected to start this year and provide faster speed than 4G networks.

The FTC recommends that Qualcomm maintains a chip provider that operates in non-patent-pending licensing practices and maintains a dominant position on the premium modem chip market.

In San Jose, California, at a US court, Blevins has proven that Apple has long sought out multi-vendor modem chips, but signed an agreement because Qualcomm provided chips exclusively because the chip provider offered the cost of patent costs. exclusivity

In 2013, Apple worked with Intel to start providing modems for iPad Mini 2, because Apple would lose discounts on Intel chips, making Intel products "economically attractive".

That year, after negotiating quality negotiations, Apple did not expect Apple to certify Apple's second-generation "Old Project", and Blevins testified.

Between 2016 and 2017, Apple introduced Intel's modem to its iPhones, but it also uses Qualcomm chips. But Apple's Qualcomm Qualified Criminal Case for the 2017 period changed its business relationship "very deeply and negatively, using only the Intel modem phones released last year.

"The whole concept of the Theater Project was a second provider, it's not (Intel), but we do not have to be the only supplier with them. We wanted to mix both Qualcomm and Intel," said Blevins. Blevins also testified that Apple Apple's only Intel modem provider was considering Apple Watch, which added 4G connectivity using 2017 Qualcomm chips.

Blevins has said that with Samsung, Galaxy and Note Gadgets when they compete against iPhone, Apple does not have the "right environment," but Samsung is now Apple's largest provider.

Blevins did not say Apple decides whether or not a 5G modem provider or 5G iPhone will be released in 2019. Referring to sources, Bloomberg announced that Apple would not release this phone until 2020.

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