Wednesday , July 6 2022

Apple was directed to the US court this week against the monopoly abusive monopoly on the App Store – Technology News, Firstpost


Apple The head of the U.S. Supreme Court, this week, has stopped broadcasting a group of customers with huge monopoly technology, the media said.

The company is an iPhone owners group, if Apple overrides the app's Apple app that it bans rivals $ 1 million from the App Store.

After winning the right to launch a class action against customers in 2017, Apple has decided to rescue the Supreme Court, Telegraph It was too late on the 24th of November.

Imaginary image Reuters.

Imaginary image Reuters.

If Apple fails, the company's business model App storeThe fastest and most profitable division of the company can be threatened.

Apple collects millions of copies every year, 30 percent of the apps that are sold in the App Store, created by developers. App revenue rose around a third in 2017 and Apple's iPhones sales of 38.5 billion dollars iPads stop

The client has argued that its large company is a proof of the company that exploits the sub-position of its users under the monopoly. They say, "iPhone consumers have paid in the nation (Apple) more than $ 100 million more for iPhone applications than they would pay in a competitive market."

Apple refuses to refute helmet in order to search for appeals against abuse by the "court rulers" of the "Supreme Court" in 1977 only to "direct buyers".

The company argues that application developers are setting prices for App Store and Apple apps, iPhone developers are directly developing apps by developers.

The opponent claims that Apple sets the rules on the App Store, such as a minimal price, to effectively sell applications to users.

The Supreme Court is hearing the arguments on Monday, even though the judges announced a decision.

If Apple does not give up on the previous decision, the company may face years of legal litigation until 2011.

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