Wednesday , May 18 2022

Apple will skip 5G in 2019, according to the report


IPhone 8, iPhone XS, iPhone XR and iPhone XS Max.
Increase / From left to right: iPhone 8, iPhone XS, iPhone XR and iPhone XS Max.

Samuel Axon

Apple will not be able to access an iPhone 5G cellular data network faster in 2019, according to a Bloomberg report. References to people familiar with Apple's plans, reports Apple must wait until at least 2020 to make the move.

5G networks will open in the US, China and other Apple markets in 2019. 5G is still committed to one of the biggest leaps in the generation of mobile data speed, and competitors like Samsung will probably market 5G devices to capitalize next year. In addition, networks like Verizon will take them to new 5G networks as soon as possible, to ensure that they are more efficient technologies and that the company can have more profits, offering theoretically the most reliable service.

Investors and analysts might expect that Apple Market would lose a major marketing opportunity for a long time to take new technologies, suggests Bloomberg's reports.

This is not the latest Apple wireless technology for the first time. The very popular iPhone was launched in 2007, with access to a 2G network using a much faster 3G network at that time (ie, the next year with 3G iPhone). And the competitors of the 3G iPhone 4S platform in 2011 followed the 4G network that remains the standard today.

In the past, the company has decided to say that they were launching the networks because they provided some speed boosts, but sometimes they were inadequate coverage. However, companies pushing 5G and other lawmakers have argued that a new seismic change prior to the new standards will be.

This time, Apple's decision has a high quality relationship with Qualcomm Chipmunk, which is arguably the leading industry in cell modems. Qualcomm has developed a chipset for Android phones that supports 5G, but has boosted the offset between the two courts and the other two companies.

However, the 2019 cellphone that supports 5G will not compromise; Qualcomm's plans include 5G modems, the CPU of the device, the GPU, and usually the modem on a system chip (SoC) discrete. This way, with other components you can have some branch of the device in your device, so battery life, modern phones are mostly batteries, which are ultimately counted in millimeters. However, iPhon already has discrete modems, unlike many Android phones.

Apple thinks that the 5th move is too early or maybe your hands prefer to have a better partner (Intel) transition from its modem. Many consumers will not complain about the gaps in 2019, but the networks will improve in 2020 (although those networks are promising), Apple must move quickly to meet its customers.

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