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Aretha Franklin and 11 other music icons died without a will

"Father's queen" Aretha Franklin died of pancreatic cancer in August, after 76 years of age, the IRS spent nearly $ 8 million in tax and sanctions. Franklin also had no will or trust when he was killed, the IRS is under supervision, but his charges against a real estate court. Franklin is apparent, Prince and many other superstars as a musician, he died at a financial disaster, despite the fact that this year worth $ 80 million.

The Prince, who had died of unexpected illnesses at the age of 57 in April 2016, had no will or confidence, nor was there any kind of protection. That's why the amount of $ 200 million in the federal and state taxes was 50 to 50 years ago, Billboard magazine reported last year. Even though Michael Jackson's real estate has been made by IRS for its great value properties, it is due to a legally-owned tax, the 2009 music legend.

Here are 11 music superstar singing a look or strummed their hearts towards the world's fame and untold fortune – just to fail to protect their wallets and safely spend the heirs not forgetting the final will and testament. As stories from these celebrities prove, everyone can make rich or poor, famous or non-financial decisions.

"Some of the most important financial planning tips are not included in the field of investment, insurance or retirement planning, but rather willfulness, prosecutor's powers and pre-owned real estate planning," Tim Maurer, wealth advisor and director of personal finance. Borkham and the BAM Alliance and the authors of "Simple Money" said the CNBC in April 2016.

"We avoid debating, but because it is a matter that we have not considered, but the tendency of the indirect trend is low, the damage caused by the lack of real estate planning is very important that our special attention requires."

– According to CNBC
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