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As Rapper says, the collaboration of R. Kelly was "Mistake"


On the last night of "R. Kelly Surviving" on the Lifetime documentary series, "Chance the Rapper made an appearance in conversation with Jamilah Lemieux, Chance" R. Kelly could have made a song that was a mistake, "said his song in 2015, with R. Kelly and Jeremih" Somewhere in Paradise ".

Rolling Stone Originally Chance said to Lemieux: "The stories of accusers I did not accuse were black women. I made a mistake. "However, Chance made Twitter Twitter with his quote, (he first came out of an interview with capital letters published in Cassius). He wrote:

"The budget has come out of context, but it's true that R Kelly never ruled out the stories, or never believed in system configuration / attack (as black men are), black women and girls. I apologize for all my neighbors to work with her and to speak for a long time.

Chance recorded an original interview with Lemieux, revealing a more contextualized "Kelly Survivor" budget. He says: "We are scheduled to be hypersensitive oppression of black men … But black women are exponentially [a] A crowded and bigger group of people, compared to the whole world. Perhaps I did not care, because the stories of accusers were not valued, because they were black women. "Find the entire Chance budget on R. Kelly, as well as its original tweets and Cassius conversations.

"Making a song by R. Kelly was a mistake. At the time, I did not think that it was a certain way in my presence. Here's one thing: I think I could understand Kelly's situation and the world's presence for a long time. It was his trial and his allegations and his victims of accusers. I do not know because that's because I'm from Chicago or, as a result, it's a great music or "because it's a black man.

Men's oppression is black to be hypersensitive. It is dominant in all media, and when niggas watch the police shudder … it's like a scene you see … for many people as slaves, men watch chains, but black women are exponentially [a] A crowded and bigger group of people, compared to the whole world. Perhaps I did not care, the accusers' stories did not value me, because they were black women. Usually, niggas shake like this in the magnitude of celebrities, women are light or white women. That's great story. I have never seen any image of R. Kelly's accusations. "

"R. Kelly Survival" was a three-month series, from Thursday, January 3 to Saturday, January 5. The interviews were Kelly's former wife, Andrea Kelly, with Kelly Jones's accusers, and more. Recently, many musicians rejected the request for participation. Erykah Has, Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, etc. Together with Chance, Rapper, John Legend, and R & B singer Stephanie "Sparkle" Edwards were the only musicians to survive "R. Kelly". In December of 2018, an act of promotion of the documents was evacuated by NYPD after calling the weapon threat.

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Pitchfork's Rapper's representative came to Chance for a comment.

This article was originally published on Saturday, January 5, at 9:19 p.m. East. It was finally published on January 5, 10:34 p.m. East.

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