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Asian assemblies are mounting signs of defending the defense


TOKYO (Reuters) – The Asian market has shaken Tuesday due to weak economic data from China and Europe, boosting global growth and anxiety as a result of business and profits that have influenced international trade.

An investor is in Beijing, China, on December 7, 2017, in front of a table showing stock market information. REUTERS / Thomas Peter

The largest list of shares in Japan-Pacific Asia outside of MSCI was changed by 0.1% at the start of Nikkei's Japanese business. United States stock futures were almost flat.

Wall Street on Friday, S & P 500 lost 1.91 percent to 2,599.95, marking the lowest of April 2.

The reference record fell by 11.3% from its closed records on 20 September: the worst performance fell by more than 14% in May 2015 and January 2016.

Johnson & Johnson was the biggest trait, which dropped 10% since 2002, as Reuters reported that the major Pharma contaminated the baby that caused the asbestos dust.

The retirement of the market also revealed the global economic forecast, the latest proof of China's continuing impetus for China and Europe.

IHS Markit's Flash Composite Purchase Management Index dropped 51.3%, is the weakest in November 2014, from last November's reading of 52.7. It was mostly the worst prediction in the Reuters magazine, where the median of expectations was modest at 52.8.

According to the survey, the eurozone business began to darken years, changing humor, for more than four years their operations continued to grow at a slower pace, but they drank, with commercial voltages and violent French protests.

The bad economic news reported a series of soft Chinese indicators, since retail trade sales have increased since 2003 and industrial production has lasted for at least three years.

China's economy has lost its momentum over recent quarters, puts companies in pushing for production and investment as a result of the expansion of financial strained efforts to curb the extinction of the off-shore loan for a number of years.

Investors today, Xi Jinping, are looking for a keynote address to mark the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening of talks on Tuesday.

In the currency market, after the dollar, after touching another 19-month high against another six major opponents, the United States economies were better than others.

Sales of retail sales in the United States increased automotive, gasoline, construction materials and food services, up 0.9% in October last month, up 0.9%.

In future, the United States Federal Reserve will be able to raise interest rates on a two-day policy meeting, increasing on Tuesday, increasing the dollar's attractive performance.

At the same time, many markets also expect Fed to lower its future interest rates to face the future economy.

"You can argue that there is a decline in Fed's decline, which could be a sign of economic slowdown," said Hirokazu Kabeya, chief strategist at Daiwa Values.

"But considering the fragile market feeling, I think it would be more riskier if Fed continues with the vision that rates will continue in the next three years."

The market was sold at $ 1,1307, when it reached $ 1,1270 on Friday, starting on November 28.

Sterling touched on a low 20-month-old last week, thinking it was chaotic to leave Britain's European Union.

Britain leaves the block for less than 100 days until March 29, Brexit continues to launch, after business fears would be very harmful or after a second referendum call.

$ 1,2580 pound, about $ 1,2477.

The Yen flat was $ 113.36.

Oil prices hurt emergencies due to concerns about Friday's economy.

The future of the United States of the United States (WTI) in the West Texas changed the growth of $ 51.35, up 0.3%, after a 2.7 percent loss in the last week.

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