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ASK AMY: Tolerating political differences is a permanent problem

Dear reader: Shortly, I'm leaving my columns to work on a new writing project. This week, 10 years ago I have Q & A current. The current issue is Politics and Tolerance. I think that, although the President of the General Assembly is very different, when these questions have been published, it is the same topic as the subject of the opposite view.

Dear Amy: I have to make some changes. It is a great reflection and I try to see human beings as humans first and do not judge them by color, belief or background of education.

My specific areas of difficulty are people who are politically different than someone else, and who are more and more religious than I am. I think that once people believe in a political police, I do not go away, I like it because I do not like it and I can not appreciate other features that we deserve.

At the same time, people who talk about religion or people who speak religiously feel like their attitudes and decisions come from their gods. I feel very locked in these areas and I want to know the doors that I need to open the doors to work on. I ask you to open myself.

– Closed-minded

My love is closed I can not open myself, but probably. I love your question, to a certain extent, because, unlike many writers, you want to change it. (Most people want someone else to change).

You can do something that I've done lately, and this is consumed with the same amount of media that goes hand in hand with the political equation on both sides. Likewise, political parties do not regard nonsense, hysteria or stupidity lock.

In fact, everyone is different, they have the right to paint in the political or religious lines they choose, and advises the visibility or denial of the person under the belief that they are side by side.

The friendship and social friend I know of are always finding a way to get to know someone. Below are covered, ask questions and listen to the answers. If you do that, you will also learn how to love the hometowns and movies. Communities will overcome the differences. (May 2009)

Dear Amy: I've been enjoying a group of friends for 10 years.

Over the last year, I have also had a real problem with pontificating about their political vision.

I am the only person in the group with a different political perspective. When I've seen the last four times, I've come back home to be the new president. I did not act like this when the previous administration was in the office.

We made some angry and rebellious moments and I want to go home and avoid it. I have tried to say that I feel bullying, but we always say that we have to express our opinions and I should not personally take them. What would I do?

– Linda

Dear sweetheart I recently heard Glenn Beck speak of as a president and a filmmaker as Michael Moore "fatty-fatty fatso".

That is, what is the civilized discourse of our ancestors and father, when building this great nation? Maybe not. Despite the tremendous respect during Bush's time, I recall the many annoying, surprising and disrespectful sessions on the left, from both the media and the private ones.

Yelling is an unfortunate reaction to people who are trying to ease their inanimate. We live in fascinating times, and on the other hand we can understand or at least recognize passion. Do not let your friends have sins or bully, and you do not feel defenseless that you have to defend the practices or policies that are found, especially when they are irrespectuous.

If you do not want to participate, you can change your mind to change the subject, but if you can not and still have time to spend it, listen to the passive or (my scams) dishes. (November 2009)

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