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Astronaut Saint-Jacques fields Questions for children Santa, climate change


Astronaut Saint-Jacques fields Questions for children Santa, climate change

Pierre Saint-Arnaud, The Canadian Press

LONGUEUIL, what. – Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques stopped the scientific responsibility of the International Space Station on a weekend to make a deeper question.

"Can not you stop at Santa Claus International Space Station?" When Elis was asked to receive 1st and 2nd year Baccalaureate students, they were linked to the Canadian Spatial Agency headquarters.

He obscured the face of Saint Jacques, as if he wanted to do his best.

"Santa Claus, I do not know whether to see him or not. We can see from here the North Pole, but it's a little bit on the edge of the horizon," he said. "We'll try to look at it, we have good binoculars."

Saint-Anges Ecole des St-Lambert, Que. The story continued from space time, where Saint-Jacques's space agency published a space-themed e-book on Tuesday.

"Explorers Club" tells the story of Layla, Niko, Gemma and Mathias, to find a lost dog in the mission mission. In the space, science and reading promotes interest in young children.

Saint-Jacques made a clown in the space microgravity, when the microphone swivel and began to rock up the story. When he asked how Matthew was cleansing the child in space, Saint Jacques poured a few drops of water on one container to reveal.

"Just talking to her, hello told me that it was really spectacular," Maxence, 8, said at the end of the event. He particularly seduced the shortcomings of his gravity. "I could do the acrobatics and I could play the ball," he said.

Lilianne imagined tricks to play mobile tags and their friends. "I do not know how to do it, floating all of these machines," he said. "And what a surprise they can do for me, but they do not do it on the floor, they do it in the air."

They also had an interest in what Christmas would be like in space. Saint-Jacques himself and his fellow astronauts said – Anne McClain and Oleg Kononen's NASC's space agency, Roscosmos, brought special foods to share culinary traditions in their countries.

Some questions reflect real concerns on the child's minds, especially when a girl asked me most of the contaminated soils from space.

"When we fly over the big cities, there is a red cloud on them. Air pollution is the easiest thing to see," replied Saint-Jacques. "We can also see the effect of global warming, because we see that glaciers are less than 100 years ago in the mountain."

"The Explorers Club" stars are children and their dogs, but Saint-Jacques has appeared as a space spatial space astronaut. "Great stars and a dream come true. Sit down to explore!" He tells them.

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