Monday , May 29 2023

Astronomers & # 39; the extra mechanism & # 39; they found another star


A second star was discovered to show a strange behavior, it could be the seat of "alien machining".

In 2016, the remote sun known as "the star of the tabby" was "flashing," suggesting something big by passing across it and blocking its light.

This is a theoretical space station surrounded by a large number called Dyson Sphere, which is an amazing suggestion, to collect the energy that surrounds the entire star.

Of course, humanity does not have exactly as close a structure as this, but scientists believe that power is hungry in any advanced civilization.

Image of Tabby's Star Illustration (Image: NASA)

Now, a paper published in the Months of the Royal Astronomical Society, the unique and intriguing "VVV-WIT-07" & # 39; It is named as the star of the structural mechanism.

Light illuminates regularly, because it announces something giant in front of him.

It has to be a million-mile wide, and it's very compact to block a lot of starlight, "said Eric Mamaj, an astrophysician from Rochester University, Scientific American.

This can be the look of Dyson Sphere

Sadly, scientists went on to blame the screening of Tabby's star (scientific name KIC 8462852), more than the biggest part of extraterrestrial technology.

Tabetha Boyajian of Louisiana State University, the first scientist named Tabby's star and inspired his nickname, said: "Dust is probably a reason for light and light.

"New data shows different light colors at different intensities."

"That is why everything that passes between us and the star is not as opaque as it can be expected from the planet or alien".

Astronomers will compare observations on both stars to determine whether aliens or natural phenomena are responsible for their temperature of light.

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