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Australian whirlwind fighters can pay $ 1.1B taxpayers: PBO

Buying Australian Windshields in the Royal Canadian Air Force is expected to be paid by taxpayers paying $ 1.1 million dollars over the next ten or more times.

This forecast, in its new analysis, is 22 percent higher than the figure presented by the National Defense Department and will be ratified by the Liberal government plan.

He analyzed the cost of purchasing 18 F-18 old Yves Giroux General Budgets, changing to Canadian standards, which will work until at least 2032.

Airplanes CF-18 current airplanes that are the same version are expected to reach the batch of now and 2022.

Liberal officials have long claimed that armed forces need more fighters because at this time the NATO and North American Aerospace Command Commitments commit themselves at the same time.

The F-18 used stopgap until the federal government includes up to 88 new fighters.

DND planners would cost $ 895.5 million.

The budget offices will be higher than 1.09 million and $ 1.15 million.

Giroux points out that the greatest difference between both estimations is that of operations and promotion.

Last fall, the general auditor also questioned the DND figures.

The final report by Michael Ferguson estimated purchases and operating costs of approximately $ 1.02 million.

Giroux said on Thursday that the cost has increased.

"The analysis of the sensitivities made in this report, prices may have another factor in the project's time constraints and future flight behavior within the fleet," said the report.

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