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B.C. Contribution will soon be possible for the Congo Evo's hopeful nurse

The Democratic Republic of Congo has already called for hundreds of livelihoods, and the Red Cross volunteers around the world are gathering in Africa's Central African Republic to tackle the epidemic. There is also an in-house medical nurse.

The occurrence was officially declared in August and complicated in the region's constant conflicts.

Despite hard conditions, Patron Gordon knew he was in DRC when he learned the last epidemic. Gordon landed in Africa on the ground in 2014.

"I think it's probably the most powerful and powerful experience of my life to see and see what the tragedy volume is going through before," Gordon told CBC First edition Laura Lynch guest host.

During this time, Gordon returned to Africa as a health consultant. She works in the response centers of Ebol, prepares prevention and training in countries such as South Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi, which is a huge risk of hiring Ebola.

It also prepares local staff when using equipment, prepares treatment centers, keeps track of the contact and collects the contact and the data of the infected person.

Healthcare consultant Patrice Gordon, a volunteer at a healthcare center that has crossed the frontier between the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda for the preparation of Ebola at the Ebola Treatment Center. (Posting)

"It's a unique opportunity to make the game an epidemic or epidemic that is proactive," he said.

A virus spread to other countries

The probability that Ebola crosses the country borders is quite high, Gordon said the proximity of borders and the high traffic between them.

"In all cases, it has approximately 150 contacts," he said. "It allows people to access a safe area that does not continue, so we lose these people, we lose the ability to keep the viruses".

B.C. Nurse Patrice Gordon volunteered after a meeting on the Ebola Ruola. (Posting)

"With decades of violence and unpredictable history … there is the next population movement, the people who flee violence, here and there, and the small falls that their Ebola virus can take to a new community."

Gordon believes that it is inevitable that the virus will cross the boundaries, it remains positive, because of the hard work that has gone beyond overseas.

"I hope to have control over the next month," he said.

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