Saturday , May 8 2021

B.C. Hydro works on the Gulf islands

B.C. Hydro has taken out the last pools from Salt Spring Island and other Gulf Islands on Sunday Sunday, when the recovery of power, the windstorm escaped on the coast on December 20.

Ted Olynyk, spokesman for B.C. Hydro, repair work, except for a few isolated cases, was collected on Sunday afternoon.

"We will have everything that has happened to the sun for the storm, we will make backups today," said Olynyk in the telephone conversation. "Mission full".

The windstorm came to the island of Vancouver and the Gulf Islands to 88 km / h. Branches, debris and whole trees broke into electric companies, with more than 150,000 customers being powered off.

Olynyk said in the repairs effort, B.C. Hydro had 900 employees per day for 16 hours. They sponsored the Vancouver Island crews at B.C. Inside as far away as Alberta and Maritimes.

At one point, B.C. Hydro had more than 350 trucks and crew members operating in the Gulf Islands.

"So our crew are going home and Christmas is having a chance to spend the family," said Olynyk.

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