Thursday , August 11 2022

B.C. It allocates $ 1.1B to the stock of social housing stock


B.C. The President of John Horga announced his spending plan. Nov. 22 PHOTO: B.C. Province / Flickr

VICTORIA-British Columbia has dedicated $ 1.1 million over the next decade to overhaul social housing stock.

With the vision of emissions, retrofits aim to improve construction efficiency and reduce energy use. The provincial boosted the replacement of boiler and electrical systems, the door and the window, as well as the construction of surpluses, among the projects that will help finance the financing.

To improve the energy efficiency of certain residential social housing projects by 50 percent, B.C. He said that investments will create new construction jobs. All accounts, the province estimates that the work will generate 7,700 direct and indirect jobs for more than 10 years.

B.C. There are approximately 51,000 homes with publicly funded housing units.

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