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B.C. Most of the Canadian rainfall in the history of the country is very harmful


Alberta and B.C. Always always amazing, but in recent weeks it has become completely stratospherically, unimportantly high.

On Thursday, Edmontonians paid 84.9 centimeters liter, while the capital of the capital of Victoria was paying 137.9 cents. It is divided into 53 cents, and Victoria's price is 63 percent higher than Edmonton. Dan McTeague, the chief oil analyst at, says "the two unprecedented" price differences in two major Canadian cities.

Edmonton's entrepreneur filled a 63,500-liter B-Train with its retail gasoline retail price, which could make a gross profit of more than 30,000 a bank to drive along the coast. Transit for 12 hours from Edmonton to Vancouver with a 378-liter backyard with a pickup truck and an internal gas value of $ 148.

Here are some reasons why (and why B.C. is not necessarily refusing to build oil pipes).

For beginners, taxes are higher than B.C.
Taxes are always when Canadian gas prices are being discussed. There is a special reason why US gas prices are so cheap to Canada. Considering too high taxes in the United States, such as California, is almost always cheaper than the cheapest corners of Canada, such as Saskatchewan. Edmontonians will pay a federal figure of 10 cents per liter, 5 percent GST and 6.73 cents per liter of carbon tax. In Vancouver, the driver will pay a tax of 7.78 percent per liter, 17 cents in public traffic taxes, 8.5 cents per province, and 10 cents per GST and federal figures. Combine it together, and when Vancouver fills its 43-liter Prius container, more than $ 20 are being paid in provincial, local and municipal taxes. The same performance in Edmonton may have less than $ 10 in taxes.

That's it, Kitsilano, some fuel is still burning.

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Coastal B.C. There is a constant problem with shipping enough with fuel
However, all taxes are left out and there is a big difference between wholesale gasoline price B.C. and Alberta. According to Petro's latest price in Canada, the gas station does not have a tax, the gas station is 56.3 centimeters in Edmonton, 69.2 cents in Vancouver, and Canada (70.8 cents) in Nanaimo. That is, especially these days, it is very difficult to have a coastal B.C. Good enough gasoline. Pre-Expo 86 in Vancouver, the region had 1.26 million people and four oil refineries. Now, in the 90s, after a few closures, Metro Vancouver has 2.5 million people and an oil refinery; Burnaby is a relatively small refinery pumped at 50,000 barrels per day. (The Irving oil refinery in New Brunswick produces 320,000 barrels a day.) The Burnaby refinery is not nearly enough to climb the Vancouver Island and Lower Mainland fuel needs, so the rest of gas and diesel comes in. In both places: in the Trans Mountain pipeline in Edmonton or outside. And since the gas pipeline is full, the need to keep the West Coast off of fuel is essential for gas prices to sufficiently absorb enough gasoline and bombers. These are, above all, trying to overcome the US border, even if McTeagu says, many British colonies tested the tank or two Asian gas.

There is a similar fuel tank to the Cambodian island and a large West coast and a fuel tank. They appeared in 2016 on Bella Bella's way.

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B.C. Gas stations are getting bigger
Secondary factor B.C. Gas prices are being paid to customers who spend more money than the Edmonton petrol station at a gas station in Vancouver or Nanaimo. "To be honest, gas stations (Edmonton) are absurd," said McTeagu. Part of the reason is that Edmonton has a lot of gas stations. The city has three large refineries that function according to their capacity and with a direct connection to some of the cheapest oil from the continents. These are not typical conditions, because gas stations are safe to increase profit margins. However, retailing is never the most important factor in gas prices. According to the previously mentioned Prius, the typical Canadian gas station costs only $ 5 and actually earns revenue, cigarettes, energy drinks, wood and the like. So, B.C. Gas Jockey has only a few extra pennies than its equivalent to Alberta, but all add up. "You have a difference in the wholesale price for the supply item, you have differences in tax rates, and you have differences in retail margins, they can overlap each other and have enough gaps," said Jason Parent, Deputy Chief of Oil Analysis Analysis at the Kent Group.

Since Alberta gas stations have no retail brands, they make strong opinions.

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A new transport is not better
The National Energy Council document of 2016, when it approved the Trans Mountain gas pipeline, was suggested at the end of a project. Trans Mountain launched ocean and gasoline over West Coaster. Right now, Trans Mountain's gas pipeline dilutes mostly bituminous, supplying one third of the continent's full refined fuel needs. Trans Mountain Expansion exclusively existed for the sale of diluted bitumen exported, while Trans Mountain would become the "Line 1" gas pipeline, which would be a pipeline that includes petrol and diesel fueled "petroleum crude oil". "Trans Mountain said that it does not want to transport large quantities of heavy crude oil in line 1," said the National Energy Council report. This means line 1 of the Union B.C. to meet all the needs of the fuel to meet the needs of the Union, significantly reducing the difference between their prices. Or, Trans Mountain can only slide 1 line with a range of cool charged light, that is, to get more gasoline with Victoria and Vancouver. Short answer A further Alberta pipe proficiency would be lowered. The price of gas is the most effective way to do it (definitely the BC that intends to build more incinerators). However, there will be no warranty. "I think it is unlikely to be done (retail prices)," says Andrew Leach, energy company at the University of Alberta , National Post.

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