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B.C. municipalities take control of the production of oil producers


The Whistler Mayor, Jack Crompton, was forced into a letter sent to oil producers last week as he was looking for climate change costs.

Crompton's letter sought a fast protest at several times in the Alberta energy sector and decided to cancel the travel plans and cancel a part of the Whistler conference investor. The mayor truly believed that his husband and wife had no idea at all.

For experts, the outgoing letter shows a wide range of trends in the field of climate change, which is a polarized debate about strong reaction.

Whistler was not only required by producers to pay. A dozen other B.C. Recently, municipalities have voted in a campaign on Environmental Law in the West Coast, as oil and gas companies demand that local government regional banks commit to climate change. The company did not respond for the deadline for the application deadline.

The Whistler Mayor, Jack Crompton, was forced into a letter sent to oil producers last week as he was looking for climate change costs.


Kathryn Harrison, Professor of Political Science at the University of BC, said that the campaign was consistent with that strategy, consistent with those who use fossil fuels to attract attention and climate change costs here and now. Likewise, governments around the world take environmental roles in the environment.

"There is usually no government and authority in charge of how carbon-pricing and spillage regulations are regulated, but first of all to adapt to climate change impacts and costs." Harrison said.

In the Canadian context, the strategy directed at oil companies "goes beyond Alberta", due to the domestic gas and gas industry, he said.

Adam Pankratz, a guest lecturer at Sauder's business school, said he would be surprised that oil producers were not allowed to be attacked by their industry and not recognized by the importance of the Canadian economy.

"All recognize that climate taxes and carbon prices are coming … But in that environment does not mean that they must also be responsible for Whistler's woes," said Pankratz.

He found a strong industry reaction. "There are two solitudes that they do not really want to talk with one another, but, after all, they need to. It shows the almost vitriolic nature of the debate."

The municipalities that have joined the campaign are West Vancouver, depending on the West Coast environment. An envelope printed on the paper of the mayor of the county and the industrial entrepreneurs requested by the environmental company's website made a financial contribution to "mitigate climate change." The letter was not directed or signed, the Mayor, Mary Ann Ann, could not come to the news on Sunday.

"Our position has a fundamental role in the global degradation and a series of threats posed by our community. Your contribution is easily detected globally, and therefore it is legally significant and entrepreneurial," read the letters.

"(As) We commit ourselves to organize and build our infrastructure and services, and develop community-based communities that are expected to provide climate change. In this way, we will ask you to pay the cost costs. "

Squamish, Victoria, Saanich, North Saanich, Colwood, Highlands, View Royal, Sooke, all of Powell River, Sechelt, Castlegar, Rossland, and Slocan district, according to the West Coast Environmental Law, "Responsibility Letters." "It is unclear how many letters exist.

Lisa Helps, Mayor of Victory, sent a letter to Chevron to pay 3.34 percent of the capital's climate costs. This letter was published on the West Coast Environmental Law website.

"Climate change is a direct result of the pollution of fossil fuels, among your products," said his letter.

"You can not sell millions of dollars to sell your product to cause serious damage to communities around the world, and at least not to pay some of these damages."

The municipalities received responses from BHP, Total and Shell on the West Coast Environmental Law website.

"The BHP Climate Change Alternative Climate Change Commission (IPCC) approves the assessment of climate change science. Climate warming has not been clear, human influence is clear and physical impact is essential," wrote Fiona Wild , Vice President of BHP Billiton. sustainability and climate change. "As a global leader in global resources, we are committed to tackling climate change."

Manoelle Lepoutre, Deputy General's Deputy Chief of Civil Society Total, said Total had always been guiding laws and regulations.

"According to the above, we can not fully take responsibility for climate change".

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Editorial Note: Allan Holt is not the mayor of Sechelt, as the story is wrong. Holt went to the mayor but he was not elected.

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