Sunday , August 14 2022

B.C. Opposition Liberal boosts an emergency meeting in the midst of legislative violence


British Liberal Demonstrators are making an emergency meeting to ask the speaker Darryl Plecas how to hire a special consultant to investigate worries about two major law enforcement leaders.

The Liberal leader Andrew Wilkinson said Saturday that his caucus still has a lot of questions about the loudspeaker's decision to hire Alan Mull in his deal in January to examine the administrative duties of Sergeant Gary Lenz and Clerk Craig James.

The loudspeaker has sent the RCMP information to the office in August and Mounties is investigating with the help of two special prosecutors. The legislature, including the Liberal kutxa, voted unanimously on Tuesday, with the administrative authorization of Lenz and James.

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Wilkinson said he had made some questions today, as Mullen told reporters on Wednesday, he began investigating before sending RCMP. Before Wednesday, the liberals thought Mullen's position as a responsible and driver-in-command, he said.

"I would like to hire Mr. Mullen and have a cash flow and compensation for the reasons why they are paying close attention", Wilkinson said.

The meeting of the spokesman on Wednesday evening organized a meeting of the Legislative Assembly Committee, but Wilkinson and the Liberal House, Mary Pole, led a meeting on the first day of Tuesday 7.

The Commission, head of the spokesperson and three heads of household and other members of lawmakers, is in charge of legislative financial accounting.

Mullen and Plecas did not respond promptly to the demands, but this week, Plecas had former B.C. he hired him Wally Oppal and the attorney general as the second special consultant on his behalf.

Oppal said on Saturday, the loudspeaker "got significant" legal advice before he had done his actions about it.

"I will not participate in political parties … but I can say it has acted with good faith and I am there now to help," said Oppal on Saturday.

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"The House Speaker is a legal court that deals with legislative matters. He wanted to explain to the media last week, because the audience wanted to clarify what was happening."

On Friday, a lawyer named Lenz and James called a letter calling on the legislature to exclude the movement urgently, with the consent of both men with administrative authorization. Prosecutor Mark Andrews said that anybody wrongly deny and do not know why they are suspended.

He is a former Liberal member of the Plecas parliament, expelled from the party according to the NDP and Green Power distribution agreement. The loudspeaker did not vote on the bills, so the two party parties to ensure their decision had 44 votes and 42 of the liberals.

If there is an incident, the loudspeaker will break.

Polak issued a sworn statement this week, and Plecas proposed that Mullen describe "non-inappropriate" weapons for the installation of a serpentine weapon.

Ask your speaker's questionnaire politically motivated, Wilkinson answered B.C. They have the right to know the truth about new events.

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"It's very hard. People can draw their conclusions as long as the truth is known, but right now we have all the pieces of this puzzle."

This week, Monday or Tuesday, he emphasized that they had no such questions, aside from the opposition leader, when Lenz and James interrupted the movement.

Liberals asked for an urgent move at 8:30 p.m. On Tuesday and at the end of the question period on Tuesday, he said.

"There was no time to provide information on the issue," he said.

In response to the vote on the side of the movement, he said it was vital that the government had approved legal advice or not.

NDP chief of staff Mike Farnworth did not respond promptly to the demands. Farnworth has said, in advance, that the decision to present the movement was made by all three parties.

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New spokeswoman Jillian Oliver told the party's home-based leader Sonia Furstenau to hold a committee meeting on Tuesday.

"Our priority is to recognize the seriousness of the active RCMP investigation and the need for police to carry out their work," he said.

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