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B.C. The family receives an open mail requesting a Canadian Post apology

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Published: Thursday, December 20, 2018 at 9:07 aC EST

To B.C. Families are bad, when they were receiving an envelope with open sheets, and the gift cards disappeared from the inside.

Canadian Post asked Barham to apologize, in Crofton, B.C., 45 miles south of Nanaimo.

Family members said they were worried about the CTV Vancouver Island opening their mail.

"On Friday, my husband received our mail … at the local office," said Julie Bayley. "He noticed a card [envelopes] it was opened on the side ".

Jared told his son that his father believed that a cut was "incision" deliberately.

"The next day, they called on our relatives, who sent them, and they said that they included letters, so the gift cards disappeared," he said.

Bayleys said they had received cards and gift cards in the family in North Vancouver every year.

A Canadian Post statement said the corporation Crown had "apologized for this" unfortunate and strange incident, "and took" issues and mail security very seriously ".

In the case of the family, Tim Hortons's gift card is considered to be only items missing. But Bayley told other families that something valuable could be missing.

"The main concerns we do not want to talk about are happening with other people," he said.

His son said that most families could refuse to open the envelope, excluding potential gifts missing.

"I did not know that relatives send us gift cards, we might not have called and tried to investigate," said Jared.

He added Canadian Post statements, "Obviously, we do not know the details, Canada Post has procedures to ensure email security."

"Although it could prevent damages, as it may be like a sorting machine, mail removal is very serious," he added.

But Bayley and her son in Canada's Post response laughed and said: "There will not be any machine that will get that perfect cut."

The Bayley family expects a profound investigation.

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