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B.C. The final failure of the arrests limits the large number of deaths – Agassiz Harrison Observer

B.C. launches a project to reduce the number of overdose deaths from prison stations released from current installations.

The Court's death review panel found two-thirds last year. B.C. Illnesses with more than 19 months of illness died, with the new criminal justice system.

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The panel said that at the end of July 2016 and 2017, 333 people were killed by a first post.

The Ministry of Health has said Wednesday that Surrey, Prince George, Kamloops, Nanaimo, and Port Coquitlam have created new community transition groups to treat opioids in the use of disorders.

The teams are part of the social worker and the drugs they use, and they may be able to work with someone who has been giving them help.

Lynne Pelletier, B.C. Mental Health and Substance Use Services, the people in the justice system are the weaknesses of society, but today there are difficulties in emergency illness.

"Common health allows us to integrate community-based care, not only to prevent overdose, but also to connect to healthcare services, and perhaps change the life cycle, by focusing on some of the social and economic realities that have been the first place."

Dr Nader Sharifi, Medical Director of Correctional Health Services, says that 40% of people can treat opioid disorders at targeted facilities.

People are at a great risk when leaving an installation and do not go to the doctor.

"There are barriers that continue with the treatment we are starting to get. Clients are in a stigma, they may not have an entry and have no fixed address. It's not easy to visit the nearest doctor's office," he says.

Community transition teams started connecting to the first customers a month. The Provincial Health Service Authority expects the development of the project in the coming year.

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