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B.C. The group demands an increase in sea lion harvest to curb population growth Staff, CTV with Vancouver Island Gord Kurbis report

Tuesday, November 27, 2018 8:36 AM EST

A Colombian Colombian nonprofit group demands the spread of indigenous rights of hunting to increase the number of lions that invade the island of Vancouver.

The Pacific Balance Pinniped Society calls mammals an invasive species to the local fishing industry.

Thomas Sewid, a member of the group, says the United Nations community must authorize the collection of sea lions. Meat can be eaten added and slimming can be used in nutrition supplements.

Campbell River Whale Watching's owner, Nick Templeman, opposes the idea that marine lions are not harming the small fishing industry, believe that killers will catch the lion's sea by the inhabitants.

The CTV Vancouver Island came to discuss the idea of ​​Fishing and the Inner Pacific, but they did not respond before the time passed.

CTV with Vancouver Island files

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