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B.C. The host of the radio hosts threatens to torrent, criticizing the excessive Yellow Vest protests

Kamloops A, B.C. The radio host has been threatened and abused after publishing a critical tweet on the Canadian Yellow Vest movement.

The host of Radio NL, Brett Mineer, took Twitter on Twitter on Wednesday as part of the horrific elements of the movement, describing racist elements and conspiracy theories.

Following Facebook's trudeau slamming session, Yellow Vests Canada has removed comments from the group

"The Prime Minister came to the town and those who denounce those who are gross and horrible men, set their own conspiracy theories, racism, irresponsiveness, and those who do not have the capability of frivolous dialogue, so I want to get the ASAP" tweeted Mineer.

Shortly after the revelations of the threats against the Yellow Hutsik Canada team from the Facebook group, he organized a segment of radio shows called "fetishization of murder."

A guest, alternately, was a Yellow Canada Exposed, a Twitter account that tracked the movement's extreme elements.

"And then I'll send a Yellow Chiffon Canada post with some screen shots on the Canadian Yellow Campaign page," said Mineer at the Lynk Steele Show's CKNW.

"Someone posted a link to my personal Facebook page, where the email addresses of the radio were sent, and then the hate started."

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Mineer has said that it is not a stranger any abuse, and first, the comments were "gross", but within the limits of freedom.

But he said he had not been able to cross a line for a long time, and he was soon bombarded by email and direct messages.

"When people were around and they knew that they were my wife and theirs," maybe a Muslim should be raped and killed, and perhaps why this is the worst prime minister, "he said.

"And then, someone said:" When Kamloops waits for someone outside of the building, he goes to work and goes "empty."

"I had a commitment, especially when I saw things about my wife, it was so tireless, below the belt and it was completely insane until now."

TIPS: After removing and removing Facebook group from anti-Trudeau Rhetoric Group

According to the advice of the director, Mineer said he had taken the threats to RCMP, saying he was investigating while listening to the radio.

Global News has asked for comments on the Kamloops RCMP.

Campaign Canada's pages moderators did not comment.

The Facebook group describes it as a protest against carbon tax and politicians, "sells the sovereignty of our country to the globalized UN and its tyrannical policies".

But in response to another news, after threats to Prime Minister Trudeau, a moderator said: "Canada's Txapela Canada is against the promotion of crime, violence or violence," alleged "false" accounts "movement.

Mineer was particularly surprising, however, that many people sent to abuse were not anonymous, and Facebook profiles were completely open.

"These are the men and women with families, football games, and the like, and are telling them to die and my wife is raped and everything else," said Mineer with the CKNW.

"It's nonsense and people see who you are and they see it as ordinary people you see in the park with their children … and they're doing this way."

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David Tindall, sociologist UBC, with a view to social media and social movements, has said that distances are the result of the real impact of what the distances generated by the environment are separated by people.

"If you're not doing this when you're doing it on a computer, you'll get a lot of unusual words you will not get," he said.

"The thing is a type of threatened person [with] Violence, but also what everyone writes about everybody, whether they're scared or scary or terrifying, the authors do not see the opinion they encounter face to face and maybe they need this tone. "

In addition, the online environments also allowed people to leave everyone and combine them together and allow them to energize each other.

"Older people could have been the kind of outliers in terms of their views or what they meant, and they could say at home to a dinner table or a neighbor's fence and get a kind disbelieving look and that was the end," he said.

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"But today, people can share similar information online, and such help builds some critical types of people, doing this and strengthening them".

Regarding politics and social movements, violence and threats have always been part of the situation, indicating the United States civil rights movement or the threat of debate in the 1990s.

But Canadian polarization proved to be increasing, to dissolve the rules of approval of southern Trump border limits.

"The rules and barriers have been reduced or thresholds have been reduced and people are scared to make threats," said Tindale.

"Most are just bluffing, but there are not always one or two of them."

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