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Babcock: & # 39; We're not going to be anybody else & # 39;


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Mark Masters of TSM Toronto checks every day the news and notes of Maple Leafs. Leafs organized a bright campaign on Friday, Saint Paul, Minn …

Morgan Rielly has confirmed that he does not constantly check his phone for the news about William Nylander the next day.

"I do not know why you're thinking that we're keeping track of your tweets and things, but we're not," Captain Captain Maple Leafs said with a smile. "So, yes, sorry. We do not think anything. There's nothing to talk about. Not too long. We're not quite right. We're not right now. We're pretty good about it. We're not worried too much."

Nylander, the free agent, will have the right to sign the contract NHL this season on Saturday at 5:00 p.m. Leafs Kyle Dubas, the general manager, has made a trip to Minnesota along with Brandon Pridham and Laurence Gilman. Dubas wishes to address the media on Saturday.

"At this point we can not really do anything," said Rielly. "If it has signs, it makes signs, great, if not, we'll keep going. Of course, we will lose Willie, but that's it. We'll be there or we'll be there tonight."

Trainer Mike Babcock is looking to seek out one way or another – about Nylander?

"No," he said flatly. "I hope that Willie is a group. In my heart and in my opinion, I know that it's your team. That's what I have to think."

Riellyk Leafs plays "not very worried" about Nyland's situation

After William Nylander's term, to finish the saga of his contract, Morgan Rielly says the Leafs players do not.


In the training ground, Babcock said that the silence of the radio had tried with Nylander and that he did not try to cause negotiations. But on Friday, coach Leafs has revealed that he has a limited free agent for 22 years throughout the season.

The reporter asked Sweden to ask him back during that interview.

"No," said Babcock. "We do not have anyone to be a Leaf. That's not what we're doing. It's a privilege for me and for everyone."

Babcock was very sure that Nylander's situation will end up in a positive way. It is similar to Nylander and its camp.

"Well, such a thing is I do not face his campaign," said Babcock. "That's about coaching, you do not have to deal with that group, but it's just a conversation with Willie."

Although missing one third of the victory, Babcock believes that Nyland's transition will be easier.

"I think, I'm sure, and that's what we're bet on. We bet, know these guys, it's a big part of the team, it's an elite skill, it's like hockey, it's OK to fit in well with our team. Objectively, It gives depth and depth to the last tournament of the tournament and we have to play it for a long time to return again. "

Babcock spoke to Nyland for the season: "In my heart, I have to be in the group"

Mike Babcock confirmed Friday's belief that William Nylander signed an agreement with Toronto Maple Leafs on December 1, within a period of 5 months, and confirmed that Nylander's team has pulled back. Mark Masters has more.


But Nylander has lost a lot of games – Toronto plays Saturday Saturday's regular season season – and it has a lot of group bundles, including a Friday afternoon.

For the second consecutive year, Leafs made a trip to the Hockey State after making one of three three-star hotels next to the hotel. Babcock uses an event that breaks down the monotony of the ordinary event.

"When you got a good team, when I trained Red Wings, you can do what the team wants you to do, because no one doubts it, because you are gaining enough games," explains Babcock. "If you do not win games, team building events are difficult, why you do not play at work, or are you doing D-zone coverage or doing such things? Certainly this is the best. Thus, when you enter your car, there is no emotional, there When you fill your petrol station with your vehicle. It's been over the year and I think it's very important for high-level and group support. "

Jake Gardiner was one of the origins of the original Minnesota origin, whose father Juan organized fiestas. John Gardiner showed up in the morning with the victory, one of the oldest squirts of Jake's anthology. There was a banner, "Gardiner Classic", hanging on the tape. Gardiner seemed to be a whole clan.

"It's pretty special," said Jake Gardiner. "My father made a run for my brother and I'm growing up in a single year, and I'm pleased to come back and give him a little something here too. It's just an accident. My family loves it a bit more."

The Gardiner team was also Red, Auston Matthews, Patrick Marleau, Justin Holl, and Josh Leivo teamed up against the White Team championship against Mitch Marner, Kasperi Kapan, Travis Dermott, Par Lindholm and Igor Ozhiganov.

"We found out that we had many and we proved," said Dermott.

"There is no rumor to win the hardest victory," said Rielly, who won the opening ceremony. "But once you win, you get your name, it's a good feeling."

Marner won the Gardiner Classic 2 year winner of Team White

After a second edition of the "Gardiner Classic" second year, after a mini-tournament in Minnesota's Leafs Championship, Jake Gardiner told him what the name and team name mean, and how fun it is to "go back" to childhood. Despite losses by Mitch Marner and White.


They did not participate in everyone. An ordinary coach from Frederik Andersen and Garret Sparks returned to coach Steve Briere at Excel Energy Center. A pair of goalkeepers met at the ceremony.

Meanwhile, Nazem Kadri and Ron Hainsey were completely frozen. Babcock called the "break" day.


Babcock often takes part in the meetings frequently during the whole season. How have these sessions been with John Tavares?

"My meetings are fantastic," the coach gushed. "It's just a matter of time. It's just about the kind of meetings (saying)," Yes, I had to be up here, I'd have to do it here. "He knows."


Friday Classic Gardiner Group:









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