Sunday , May 9 2021

Backstage Talk with Lars Sullivan's Incident Reported After WWE Call-Up

We have stated before with the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Lars Sullivan was seriously a dark match, with RAW on Monday with Orlando, but did not appear until the arena appeared and apparently left the building. anxiety attack WWE officials talked about Sullivan and softened things and Sullivan had to make an evening in the SmackDown in Jacksonville, but did not appear, and apparently returned to Colorado as Observer. The report also says that Larsek WrestleMania 35 intends to join John Cena in the air as a result of television.

In an update, @WrestleVotes said Twitter's sources said Lars did not go home to Colorado this week with TV recordings. It was not said that Larsen had never been to Orlando or Jacksonville this week, that is, most of WWE NXT's talents are based on the Orlando field. The WV report said that Sullivan should be in Orlando or Jacksonville this week, but he did not arrive. There is not yet any word whatsoever on internal reaction.

It was believed Sullivan vs. Cena WrestleMania construction begins this month at Royal Rumble pay-per-view. If there are no updates inside WWE, we can not Cena vs. Find out about the Sullivan situation until January 27th for Rumble receipts.

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