Monday , May 29 2023

Barf less, more dry: how to prevent malignant stomach bugs this winter


A well-known Norovirus acquaintance does not kill many household washing machines and towels. Clorox and Lisol Disinfected wipes require 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, but noroviruses do not include them. Your best bet is to clean the surface with a solution of bleach – a mixture of half a cup and a freshwater freshwater blend – or use a health care soft grade wipes, such as the Clorox Health Bleach Germicidal Wipes, which are found in hard but sold websites like Amazon . Let it sit at the bottom of the lettuce for at least five minutes, maybe 10, because it takes time to deal with these elasticities. Hydrogen peroxide washing machine is a more efficient option.

If your family member does not take it to the moment, you will have to pay more attention. Angela Fraser, a researcher at Clemson University, who studies vomiting and fecal cleansing strategies (seriously!) Suggests that you can use gloves and goggles. Dr. Perencevich has said that the face is a good mask, because it touches your mouth. In any case, "it really does not touch your face while you are doing it," he says.

To keep the virus clean, keep dirty with paper towels or wrap kitty litter or sawdust before entering the plastic bag. Then close the rounded key and dispose of it. Drain and rinse with water and then disinfect with the above mentioned dishwasher.

Also, do not wash it saw fluid Dr Fraser recommends a 25-meter radius to dissolve, including walls, table legs, and other viruses, even though they do not contain viruses. (The good news is that when you're done now, you will have 30 day exercises a day).

If you need to disinfect your carpet or furniture rugs, you may not be able to use bleach because it can cause color damage. If you have a steam dish, use it five minutes at 170 degrees Fahrenheit, Dr. Fraser said. Dr Perencevich said that another option would not be affected by hydrogen peroxide cleaner.

If you remove soil from laundry or linen, wash the washing machine in a "hot" or "clean-up" setting (especially with a half white kiln if the bleach does not damage it) or put it in a plastic bag for a few days or weeks, it is considered quarantine, When you're in danger, you're about to spread the viruses, Dr. Perencevich said. To name specific places, tools and cups, family members must also be declared, because some washing machines do not remove all the noroviruses. And do not let anyone sick for preparing food for anyone.

When talking about Norovirus things that do not die: Drinking grape juice or apple cider vinegar will not be healthy, though friends will tell you. (I know, I really thought). These "medications" are supposedly working because they change the stomach pH because it is very acidic for the growth of the norovirus. But "Norovirus grows in the small intestine, so changing the stomach environment is not really good for you," said Dr. Wikswo.

If it sounds amazing, I hear you. What can you do? And there is good news: some people are more resistant to norovirus due to genetic mutations that affect sugar on the surface of the cell. People with B or AB types of blood are more resistant. (Of course, types O.) And, for a long time, the noroviruses are more unpleasant than they are. Perhaps the word "unpleasant" is generous, but the other words I think are not printing. I'll put such babies next to me, though I'm getting sick next.

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