Wednesday , May 18 2022

Before becoming a boss, you should practice management and tutoring


Becoming a boss is not easy.

You are evaluating your technical skills when evaluating your people's management skills, and maybe working at your desk to schedule hours for an hour.

It is a transition to directing many new directors, said Bharath Jayaraman, but it would not have been.

Jayarama Paxos is the President of the Financial Technology Party; Previously, he worked in human resources between companies and Facebook. Jayaraman shared some ideas for me to train staff better.

An option is to provide informal management to this person.

"Never make anyone a manager of people first of all to hire your team as a reseller," said Jayaraman. "Set the expectations very clear, as a mentor, [their] The role helps companies to understand how to navigate the company's navigation effectively and when it is locked. "

He has proposed another option for organizing groups of people who have expressed their desire for leadership, and to make more formal training. In a few months, a new cohort of major directives could review and discuss case studies, or work with coaches and guardians.

"When people pass through this path and say," Hello, I did not think I would act as a director; I am not sure for myself, "the result is excellent."

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The research suggests that most US workers are not, in fact, wanting to be a manager. Addison Group, a company surveyed in Bloomberg, thinks it is only one third of American employees, that it becomes the director to continue their careers.

Instead, one expert told Bloomberg, today, many young workers want to be "expert knowledge" in the face of people's managers.

The problem is that some companies believe that the next step in their personal career in personal management is natural, even if they do not have a particular idea.

"You hire adults, you treat them as adults," said Jayaraman. "You tell them what they mean to be the manager and decide if they want to decide what they want to do, that is, the most effective way to reduce the mistakes of many people."

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