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Before Bell: Every Canadian investor needs to know


North American markets had a day-to-day flight over Wall Street in the aftermath of the dramatic rebellion of the previous session. Dow futures were three-digit lower. The S & P and Nasdaq futures were also weak. In Bay Street, markets open again after a two-day break.

On Wednesday, Dow achieved the highest jump of his day at the recording, scoring more than 5 percent or more than 1,000 points. S & P 500 won 4.96 percent and Nasdaq earned the best day since 2009, 5.84 percent.

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On Thursday, world-class beginnings began to increase profits from Wall Street, although China's industry declined and after the renewal of the Italian banking sector, the toll was eventually revived. In the morning trade, the main European markets were confused. Asian markets closed the Japanese Nikkei almost 4 percent, but with the Shanghai Composite Index 0.61 percent slip. The Chinese market is a Chinese industrial profit evolution in November when it appeared for the first time in three years.

"Do not be very comfortable about other people's discussions [U.S.] They continue to clarify the doubts about politics and politics, "said OANDA analyst Stephen Innes in a statement." These talks are scheduled to take place at midday on Thursday. "

US markets had deep rocks in the United States that were part of the United States' partial commandments, which already combined with a feeling of volatility. The concerns about commerce between the United States and China have also been weakened, although a United States government delegation arrives in Beijing from the beginning of January has frightened.

In Bay Street, markets are traded again after a two-day Christmas-Boxing Day break, despite the expected volume. Cheap prices will have more energy sharing. Both Brent and West Texas Means were lower in the direction of opening up to North America a day earlier. Both fell 1.5% behind some losses seen at around 06:30 a.m. (ET). The cheap prices have exceeded 8 percent on Wednesday, but the economic and market supply has slowed down, as well as the decline in prices for 18 months.

In Wall Street, retail shares could be the focus of a credit card giant after a report by MasterCard Inc., US holiday sales were up 5.1% this year. That's the best thing that has been shown over the past six years, according to the report.

Externally, STOXX 600 pan-European fell by 0.86%. Concerns about the Italian banking sector have been revived this week because Bank Carige has denied the cash of its major shareholders. British FTSE fell by 0.85 percent. Germany DAX fell 1.67 percent. French CAC 40 had a modest profit of 0.1 percent in morning trading.

Asia, Hong Seng Hang Seng fell by 0.67 percent.

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United States

The low prices lost some of the previous sessions, the worries about the excess market supply and the global economic debt continue to increase toll. Both Brent and West Texas Means were lower to the North American expansion. Brent has a day today, $ 52.80 and US $ 54.67. The offer of WTI is US $ 44.92 for US $ 46.70. Cheap prices rose 8 percent on Wednesday, along with United States markets.

Despite the profits of the previous session, the cheap prices continue to fall by more than 20 percent, although the OPEC and its allies will enter the production coins for the next month. In January, OPEC and other Russian producers will produce 1.2 million barrels per day.

Mr. Innes has said Wednesday that "a clear signal that the tumultuary of the oil market is investing in derivative equity capital derivatives, where investor sentiment has a fatal event in Washington, higher US interest rates, economic slowdown in China and US omnipresence – Chinese trade conflict. "

On Thursday, markets will present the American Petroleum Institute report on American oil trades. Numbers come out at 4:30. (ET). The Energy Information Information Administration publishes weekly on Friday morning.

Among other commodities, gold prices were six months, US dollars weaker and profitable capital markets. The gold point is 0.5 percent of 1,550 euros, 1.272.56 euros of vinegar, half of Europe. Gold prices have had the best levels between May and June on Wednesdays. U.S. Gold immigrants rose by 0.2% to $ 1,275.10 for $ 1.3 per vessel.

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Coins and bonds

The Canadian dollar was weaker, in the middle of July, 73, Thursday morning, which had been cheap market prices. The current time is 73.71 cents at 73.35 cents. Great Canadian economic notes are not available over the week to channel currency.

Meanwhile, currencies related to other merchandise also hit the night. The Australian dollar fell 0.26 percent to 70.51 cents. The Norwegian crown and the New Zealand dollar also dropped by a quarter of a quarter, according to Reuters.

The United States dollar was also weaker against a world currency basket, 0.2% sliding to 96.82. U.S. The dollar index rose 0.5% on Wednesday.

In bonds, United States Treasury earnings were lower on Wall Street Wednesday. The 10-year performance of the note fell by 2,768 percent. The performance of the 30-year note also fell 3.028 percent.

Stocks configured to view action

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The Globe's Andrew Willis has announced that Hydro One Ltd.'s $ 7.4 trillion US $ utility on Friday will make $ 4,4 million in revenue to be made by Avista Corp.

Exxon Mobil Corp. He said his oil drilling and development activities have been affected by an offshore Guyana weekend incident, the Venezuelan army halted two exploration ships.

Apple Inc. Foxconn will start assembling iPhone for iPhone 2019 through the local unit, the first time the Taiwanese contract was made to the manufacturer's country product, Reuters said, citing an unnamed source. Foxconn is working on the southern state of Tamil Nadu, Sriperumbudur, said the report.

French Vinci The main share of Gatwick is paying $ 3.7 million, while Britain's second-largest airport is Breita's shadow. Thirty years have been waiting for the beginning of June, the 50.01 percent participation agreement would be the only active Gatwick Vinci airport network, of which 12 airports would be 46 airports. The French company said on Thursday.

Economic news

As regards foreign unemployment claims, they fell from 1,000 to 216,000 last week.

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