Tuesday , January 25 2022

Before Bell: Every Canadian investor needs to know


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Stock futures in the United States were mixed around Tuesday, as European markets did not get Asian profits, the commercial business between US and China was launched last week. At Bay Street, future gross prices advanced.

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The index of all MSCI countries, which includes shares in 47 countries, has improved over two weeks. The Asian markets were over, but the main European markets slipped out in the morning to market early.

"European markets do not continue with their Asian counterparts, it stops due to fluctuations on Friday," said senior senior IG senior Joshua Mahony. "They have all been eyes and will continue in the U.S., Friday with Fed and payroll in the face of US and Chinese trade talks."

The Fed dot plot has been slowing down the route routes, Friday's announcement by Fed Jerome Powell that the markets had a break in stock units and U.S. so the dollars could fall.

On Friday, a report stated that non-farmer nominal payrolls increased by 312,000 in the last month, with salaries having an annual rate of 3.2%.

With regard to markets, the main event of the day will be about China's trade talks. United States officials are joining Beijing this week. President Donald Trump and President Xi Jinping of China agreed on a December 90 truce trade war.

Speaking at this week, Mr. Trump said: "I think China wants to get it. Their economy is not doing well. I think they give great incentive to negotiate."

Externally, European markets provided early advances with the STOXX 600 pan-European, which is 0.36% lower than the day the black began. The British FTSE fell by 0.52 per cent. The DAX of Germany lost 0.37 percent and France CAC dropped 40 percent 0.35 percent.

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The Asian market has had strong profits in the final round of commercial talks. Japanese Nikkei jumped 2.44 percent, and the Topix wins 1.34 percent. Hong Seng Hang Seng rose 0.82 percent. The Shanghai Composite Index advanced 0.72 percent.

United States

The low prices were maintained at the beginning of December at the OPEC and its allies to cut production levels. Brent raw has a higher, and has a day of $ 57.30 per day for $ 58.90. West Texas Mediator also joined 49.17 $ to US $ 49.47.

Reuters reported that oil had risen by 12% on the last Monday, two weeks a week a week.

"Petroleum prices have once again been gathered in the Beijing-speaking hopes of solving the trade war between the US and China, which also supports the OPEC + supply cuts," says Oanda analysts Dean Popplewell. "However, US earnings supply numbers,"

"This relief rally supports market expectations for Sino-U.S trade talks, starting today in Beijing to facilitate the tensions between the two major economies in the world."

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Mr. Popplewell has stated that, due to the US record of gross production, U.S. stockpiles are climbing. Last week, figures from the Energy Information Administration showed that oil inventories increased by 7,000 barrels and 441,42 million barrels, with an average of 5 years over 5 years.

Gold prices, on the other hand, according to the advance of the first Monday, were the expectations of the market that the Fed raised in the United States dollars. The gold point was about 0.5 percent, $ 1,291.47, per ounce of 1106 GMT. U.S. gold futures earn 0.6 percent for $ 1,292.90 per ounce.

President Jeremy Powell said the banks would be sensitive to risky risks in the market and said "it was willing to change policy policy". The US dollar collapsed in the commentary, the merchants said the Fed expected to maintain its rates over the next few months.

"Earlier in the US, gold is doing this morning, with the help of US dollar weaknesses, with the Fed's" rising interest rate brake ", the growth of risk-hunger for investors would have to limit the profit-free metal profits," Mr. Popplewell said.

Coins and bonds

The Canadian dollar was more subdued, investors announced the next Canadian Bank rate and waited for a monetary policy on Wednesday. Then, the time of day is 74.69 cents, 74.93 cents.

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RBC chief currency strategist Adam Cole said in a consensus that this week there was no change.

"The financial market development has been running for fifteen years since December 2, with 2-, 5- and 10-year-olds [bond] It goes down with less points of 30 points on a global risk movement, "said Mr. Cole." Governor [Stephen] Poloz & Co. It was noticeably noticeable at the December meeting and associated economic progress report, as a result of the rebuilding of lower oil prices and the emergence of gaps, as a result of the GDP revisions and the decline in Q3 GDP figures. "

Likewise, short-term growth has proven to be good, but RBC expects GDP growth to grow with a 1.7 percent increase over a year or more. "Combined with the underlying inflation under 2 percent, this year it would be enough to see both trips. International trade data will be in this week (tomorrow)."

In the global currency markets, US dollars dropped directly to the third day. U.S. The dollar index fell a quarter percentage to 95.92, in the last two weeks, about 2-1 / 2 months ago.

In bonds, the performance of a 10-year note decreased by 2,643 percent. The performance of 30-year notes was slightly 2.937 percent.

Stocks configured to view action

Suncor Energy Inc said total upstream production is projected to grow by around 13% in the fourth quarter of 2018, resulting in a greater result of the Syncrude joint venture. The company expects 831,000 barrels of oil barrels per day (boe / day) a day, up 736,400 boe / d in the fourth quarter of 2017.

Eli Lilly and Co said Loxo Onkologia Inc. he could buy $ 8 million dollars. 235 dollars per cash loan is Friday Friday, about 68 percent closer. In November, Loxo was found in the United States to be effective against a variety of types of cancers caused by a rare genetic mutation.

Tesla Inc On Monday, the Gigafactory of Shanghai broke out, where it plans to launch its Model 3 electric vehicle (EV) to finish the year to produce the largest market in the world marketplace. At the ceremony at Shanghai's Expo, the CEO of Elon Musk, a member of the city's mayor and other government officials, Tesla said it will cost $ 2 million.

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(10:00 p.m.) Canada releases the manager's purchases for December Ivey. The Council of Congress releases the Consumer Confidence Index.

(10:00 p.m.) The US non-manufacturing ISM index has been released in December.

(10:00 p.m.) United States November factory orders (most probably the United States government will postpone). The calculations are an increase of 0.4%.

Reuters and the Canadian press

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