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Before Bell: Every Canadian investor needs to know


Wall Street futures were slightly changed early Thursday, when the creatures of the world put on their January, after the Federal Reserve, proposed an approach to the rise in the future rate. Except that the European markets were positive after a bad start, after the German retail sales report, they had a month-on-month drops of more than a decade. Asia, the Fed rally highlighted the shares in China and Japan, but weakened in the weak reading of China's factory activity. In Bay Street, the gold prices of the futures were higher and the oil was stable.

The index of all countries of MSCI, following the stocks of 47 countries, increased by 0.5%. Monthly, the index is above 7 percent, with the highest gains in January since its launch in 1988 and the best month after December 2015, according to Reuters. On Wednesday, Fed maintained its interest rates in a predictable manner, but made a move in its current rate hike campaign to reduce the promise of a future increase. This message pushed more than 25,000 back and brought about 1.5 percent of S & P's winners.

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"At the end of last year, markets became more and more nervous that Fed made a major policy error over the career of his career, in spite of the growth of economic weakness," said Jasper Lawler. London Capital Group said. "As a result, the creatures were greatly afraid that higher borrowing costs would damage the economy at the same time, as global growth was slowing down."

They will enter the Thursday session, with profits and a cutting-edge economy.

In Bay Street, investors read the state of Canada's economy. Statistics Canada has said that the GDP has fallen by 0.1 percentage points in November, excluding the 0.3 percent increase in October. In November the decline coincides with the expectations of the market. The report will be made the next day, the notes of the Canadian President Carolyn Wilkins, Canadian Board of Deputies, will be discussed by the Director of the Board of Toronto at 12:45 a.m. (ET).

"A fake issue may be a Canadian Post strikes, which closes several mail facilities throughout the month," said Paul Ferley, chief economist at RBC, in November. "After stopping the strikes, we suppose one [about a] 1 drop in 1% of transport depot production, which will be less than half the expected GDP decline. "

On profits, retail online retail results reported that Inc. reported reports after closing the deal. From now on, Mastercard Inc. Companies and General Electric Co. among others. GE has jumped 10% after the company released 33,300 billion dollars according to Wall Street forecasts. GE also said that a US dollar liquidation of $ 1,500 was achieved with investigations in the United States Department of Justice accounting studies.

The pre-marketing action, shares in Facebook Inc. was more than 11.35 percent when the social media business reported its record-breaking profits. After a year after the controversy, Facebook posted a 30-percent increase in the fourth quarter of 2018, in the last three months of 2017, US $ 16.91 million. Profit has increased by 61.88 billion dollars, while profits are gaining $ 2.38 after analysts' expectations have been exceeded. Facebook also said one added one million active users daily in Canada and the United States and four million in Europe.

Tesla Inc. shares, on the other hand, as the company lost its Wall Street earnings target, dropped almost 5 percent and announced its departure from its chief financial officer. As an exception, Tesla earned $ 1.93 per share per share, closing the US $ 2.20 per share of the share, according to the IBES data for the Refinition. However, Tesla also has earned profits in this quarter.

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Externally, the STOXX 600 euro grew 0.06 percent. The participation of Unilever PLC decreased by about 3% in the morning trade, with consumer products sales lower than the sales for the last quarter. The British FTSE 100 percent 0.60 was created. Germany DAX added 0.06%. France CAC 40 rose 0.24 percent.

In Asia, Japan's Nikkei posted 1.06 percent. Topix wins 1.08 percent with softbank shares with almost 5 percent scaling. Hong Kong Hang Seng rose 1.08 percent. Shanghai Composite Index earned 0.35 percent.

United States

Oil prices were steadily lower than the United States gross inventory forecasts and expected United States sanitation in the Venezuelan exit. West Texas Intermediate day 53.92 $ US $ 54.69 per day. Brent Gross Range is US $ 61.57 for US $ 62.28.

"The oil market has been a major offset against the imposing penalties imposed on Venezuelan," said David Madden, CMC Markets U.K. market analyst, he said. "The South American country has significantly reduced oil production over the past 20 years, but has made it possible for traders to achieve a more intense offer for cheaper energy."

In addition, he said a report from the US Energy Information Administration raised once a week 919,000 barrels of oil tanker while gasoline inventories dropped more than 2,23 million barrels. Dealers expect a gross oil increase of 1.8 million barrels.

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Among other commodities, gold prices were higher and increased once a month, after the Fed's announcement. Spot gold 0.2 percent was owed by $ 1.322.26. Prices ranged from May 11 to May 11, $ 1,323.34, Wednesday. U.S. gold futures rose almost 1 percent to $ 1,322. The gold point is about 3.1 percentage points this month. A subsequent drop in the Fed in the U.S. states that rising rates would be suspended by the gold title until Thursday morning.

"A weaker dollar is once again getting a gold case again, which is putting pressure of US $ 1,320," said OANDA analyst Craig Erlam. "This is just a few days after graduating from the US $ 1300, after many years of efforts."

He said, if the violation of gold was US $ 1,320, then the US $ 1,340 will become the next level of resistance, "it may also happen if temporary traders continue to guarantee their greenback."

Coins and bonds

The Canadian dollar rose in the morning, a Statscan report contracted 0.1% in November in the Canadian economy. Loonie 76.01 was transferred to the US census half day by 76.21, following the release of the US census report. Following a reduction in the market expectations, it rose by 0.3% in October. Oil prices and dollar equity have weakened in the last period. The Canadian dollar has recovered profits this month, according to Reuters.

"October today seems to have been a Canadian economic storm since it came to its weakness from November to the end," said CIBC's chief economist Avery Shenfeld, a Bank of Canada, as well as Fed, hoping to wait today. the next couple quarters.

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"Real GDP dropped 0.1 percentage points with our forecasts, but for the time being in August and September, the performance has not been lacking in the last four months."

After the U.S. The dollar index decreased by three weeks of 95.16.

In Loonie, Loonie's main event will be a report on the end of November GDP. Mr. Cole says RBC expects a 0.1 percent decline in the month after falling 0.3 percent in October. The Canadian Post Post Strike underestimates a 0.1 percentage point increase. Monthly sales and manufacturing sales would be better, he said. Right now, the RBC seeks the growth of the fourth quarter of the 1.1 per cent "the risk of minimal problems".

In bonds, the United States Treasury's earnings fell sharply from Fed. The 10-year US yield was 2.665 percent lower. The performance of the 30-year note also fell 3.022 percent.

Inventories to view action

Baker Hughes, General Electric Co's oil services arm, quarter-over-quarter growth was up by 85% on Thursday, driven by increased demand for oil services. The company has had an adjustment of $ 120 million in revenues or 26 US cents in the last quarter of the 31 decade, from $ 65 million to $ 15. For every American penny one year earlier.

Mastercard Inc The 33-percent increase in the third quarter earned, which processed more transactions during the holiday season. The consolidated net income was $ 1,000 million or US $ 1,55 per share, the fourth quarter ended December 31, US $ 1,2 million, or US $ 1,14 per share, one year before. Revenue from $ 3.8 billion has been US $ 3.3 trillion a year ago. Stocks sell almost 4% in the pre-market.

Charter Communications Inc. Three-month revenue calculations were made on Thursday, the cable operator attracted more customers for Internet services, reducing the subscription of subscribers. The company added 289,000 residential internet customers in the fourth quarter ended December 31.

Royal Dutch Shell said spending pegs in 2018 this year profits sold more than a third of $ 21.4 million, their highest since 2014. Anglo-Dutch oil company also reported a sharp rise in kutxa generation, with more signs that cost savings in the 2014 oil crisis in its operations it is being filtered. The shares were more than four percent.

Unilever PLC sales were lower in sales during the fourth quarter of the month of Friday, which in Argentina led to inflation and volume growth in developed markets, as the first result was made by Foreign Policy Director Alan Jop. Dove Soap and Ben & Jerry, the creator of ice cream, said sales fell by 2.9% in the fourth quarter. Analysts expect an average of 3.5 per cent, according to the consensus forecasts provided by the company.

Microsoft Corp.The Azure cloud computing platform was slower in the quarter of December, one year ago. Azure, the Microsoft flagship cloud product, had a growth of 76% in the last quarter of 2018, down a year earlier than the 98 percent increase. Microsoft's revenue rose 12.3 percent to $ 32.47 million. Wall Street analysts expected an average income of $ 32.51 billion, according to Refinitiv's IBES data. Microsoft has released the latest results after closing on Wednesday. Shares in pre-trade were more than 2 percent.

U.S chemical companies DowDuPont Inc predicts the growth of planned growth in the current quarter, sales have decreased in its largest unit, and commercialized by the company's shares at 9 per cent in the pre-market. The company, which includes the $ 130 million-dollar giant Dow Chemical and DuPont chemists in September 2017, said the revenue of the first quarters hoped that the "only one-hundred-percent" figure would be "undefined". Analysts DowDupont sold revenues of $ 22.63 million in the first quarter, up 5% on the previous quarter.

Intel Corp. The acting CEO of Robert Swan was appointed on Thursday as the new temporary financial officer. Mr Swan, since the age of 58, was the temporary manager of Chirre at the end of June, when Brian Krzanich left his job, after an investigation, a staff member had a consensus on the company's policy.

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Economic news

The Canadian GDP made 0.1% in November.

Canadian prices dropped by 0.7% in December, with a month-on-month decline, largely due to low energy and petroleum products. Statistics Canada said on Thursday. Reuters survey analysts announced a 0.2% increase in December after falling by 0.8% in November. The two-month decline was highest in June and July 2017, rising by 1.1% and 1.4% respectively.

The Labor Department of the United States once weekly reported that the weekly applications of unemployed claims amounted to 53,000 and last week it had 253,000 from the bottom of the 200,000 drops from the 49th to the first week. The average four week averages, less volatile, were 5,000 and 220,250, according to The Associated Press.

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