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Benning says that the future of Canucks remains in the future, Edler's extension

VANCOUVER – Toronto Maple Leafs for trading Jake Muzzinen will be able to set the defense market before the National Hockey League trading period, but will not change anything Unlimited free agent Vancouver Canucks and Alex Edler.

Canucks CEO Jim Benning in a Sportsnet interview reaffirmed that negotiating to extend Edler's contract remains a priority and that there is insufficient confidence in team players that there is no need for an agreement.

Benning also said that it will not leave the 2019 draft deadline before the end of the period, which is why it will be vital for those who continue to play at the Western Conference to keep up with today's players.

Veteran's wing Antoine Roussel said last week that they hoped Canucks could "keep buyers" ahead of them, perhaps in order to get a strong defense or a further advance to team up the team playoffs.

"Antoine is an emotional and competitive player," said Benning on Wednesday. "We were like Alexandre Burrows, our emotional leader, who wants to make our team and our organization a success, I mean, I'm going to do some hockey work. If there are commercials to do so, I'm going to do something like that for players and for a better team.

"But we have a plan in place, and I do not have opportunities for this year's project to be a better team now. It will be about the boys and girls running in that room, which will allow us to play for a playoff team or not."

Canucks has not made their debut since 2015 and have not won a Cup round since losing the 2011 Stanley Cup Final.

Benning said this week will meet Edler and agent Mark Stowe's 32-year-old defense Sunday to start discussions on the extension of their 13-year-old NHL career and point out that they definitely stay for their desire. It has a full commercial agreement signed with Sweden's six-year and 30-million-year contract, so Canucks would need Edler's authorization to market it.

Benning decided to buy "Muzzin" from Maple Leafs on Monday from Kings of Los Angeles, to select the first draft and create one of the secondary expectations, without signing any of them, to establish traders' veterans market for traders. for the next 3 ½ weeks.

But he said, Muzzin has spent 29 years in the year of his contract, a Stanley Cup ring, and Team Canada's World Cup list in 2016, "at the top of the market." And even though, as Benning stated, there is no warranty that the near-end draft round will become an NHL player.

"Numbers talk about themselves about the history of the sketch," he said. "If you're looking for the five best options, they tend to have more opportunities to avoid over time. But if you look at the five figs in the first half, some of these boys are not playing.

"But I think the team, even higher teams that try to win the Stanley Cup, are more than just choosing the options that they preferred for more than two years, but still at the beginning (this year's trading period) and maybe it's wrong."

Edler has no market, Vancouver advocate Chris Tanev is still a non-stop free agency and UFA national, Anders Nilsson and Michael Del Zotto (Ottawa and Anaheim), may be the last generation of the 2019 trading period.

GM was probably never known in the West Coast period until 2017, when it softened the aging to obtain solutions for Canucks Jannik Hansen (San Jose) and Burrows (Ottawa) Nikolay Goldobin and Jonathan Dahlen. And never again was vilified more than last year's season, his defeat for the draft selected by Thomas Van.

Tyler Motte's wings, facing Chicago Blackhawk Benning, Caluck coach Travis Green has been in fourth place throughout the season.

"Our team is healthy today and (the schedule), the rest has been welcome for us," said Benning. "Talking to some of our players, our team was tired, but now we have a break and we are about four weeks away and we'll see where we are. We will take decisions based on long-term planning."

Canucks returns Thursday afternoon and Denver ends his nine-day job on Saturday. There are eight points that distinguish eight teams, which have made three Western Playoffs: mid-third and two commercial positions.

The race is very confusing. 500 riders let you get into the mosh pit, but there is no doubt that the playoffs will be achieved when the Stanley Cup races are accelerated during the last two months of the regular season.

But 23-22-6 and their worst schedule – and injuries, they hope – behind, Canucks are doing better this season than anyone expected, bring offensively remarkable rookie Elias Pettersson.

Competitive and green culture is trying to build around Pettersson, Bo Horvat and Brock Boeser, why Benning can not make his team come back to market it from his future list.

"This was our goal when we talked about the summer … we have teams that play a significant part in February," said Benning. "With the way Petey has acted, he has given us an elevator that gives us confidence and strength, we know that a player who can be a bit different with Brock and Bo. The basic pieces are becoming a place."

What does it mean?

"I think it's a good way to say it."

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