Friday , May 20 2022

Best of Google Pixel Slate USB-C Hubs


Google Pixel Slate is lacking in light, luxury and ports. On each side of the tablet there is a USB-C port, keyboard key on the bottom keyboard and anything else. While Bluetooth peripherals can work most, you need a USB-C hub to connect to that strange instance to connect an old flash drive or – skyrockets – with the mouse and the keyboard. Since USB-C has been a long enough one, we're going to have some trusted hubs that do not cost arms and legs. We rely on our peripherals and our pixel slates.

Just key

AUKEY 4 port USB 3.0 USB-C hub

All you need is a flash drive and your favorite trackball mouse. What is convenient and better in narrow areas? This simple site of AUKEY facilitates work without paying the wonderful ports like Ethernet, HDMI and PD passthrough charging.

$ 15 in Amazon

Longer cable

AmazonBasics USB 3.1 Type-C to 4-Port Aluminum Hub

AmazonBasics has two 4-port USB-C hub models, but this has a two-meter cable and you can keep your storage safely while using Pixel Slate. As with AUKEY, this center does not support the passthrough loading, but you can use a Slate second USB-C port charger.

$ 19 in Amazon

Travel-ready cock


This is the USB-C hub of last year's use and abuse. In a 7-port, low-credit credit card, it lets you slowly gradually load the pixel hole over the entire speed, as well as connecting to three peripheral USB, HDMI display, micro SD card and full SD card.

$ 40 in Amazon

Left peripherals

RayCue 6 in 1 USB-C Hub

Although this charger is not as compact as AUKEY, it has the same ports, instead of the old TF card reader instead of the original SD – almost 25% smaller. RayCue is not known as AUKEY, but the center has good reviews so far.

$ 31 on Amazon

Remove music

ONTOTL 9 in 1 Aluminum USB-C Hub

The Bluetooth connection is fine, if you listen to it in a plane or it is in bed, but to connect to the desktop desktops on the desktop while working, take this jam-packed hub of ONTOTL. It also has an Ethernet port and 1,200 5-star reviews.

$ 60 in Amazon

Regulation of a center for all of them

VAVA USB-C Dock station

To name a rogue Dashing Disney, "Oh, mom, I need to get one of them!" This end-of-pipe system has its own supply, 4 USB ports, 2 HDMI ports, 1 USB peripheral port 1, microphone / headphone 3.5 mm jack, SD card slot and a Gigabit Ethernet port. Oh, and the other 2 USB-only chargers are seated in front of the port and Qi charger, apparently, this thing was no longer sick.

$ 150 in Amazon

I will acknowledge that the VAVA Docking Station is very little, but most of the desktop C desktop desktops cost more than now, and over $ 150 offer almost a few port ports, and not just Qi's fast charger. Most of us need a USB-C hub to access our pockets, although one of my very happy years is AUKEY CB-C59. It's the size of my portfolio, but I do not buy a wallet to empty it.

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