Monday , January 24 2022

Best Twitter Reactions by Kendall Jenner & # 39; Raw & # 39; Story Acne Proactiv Ads


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In the days leading up to the Golden Globes, Kens Jenner's daughter's daughter Kendall Jenner would soon reveal his "raw" story and prepare "we need to move".

"At the age of 14, I could not reach many people, as it is now," Kendall said on his ad bulletin board. "I have been there for 22 years now and I have the whole thing behind me, I can talk to a lot of people, and that's it," he can help you and it's fine and I have experience. I am very normal. I like it, I understand it. Like, I got in touch with you. »

The award ceremony was very popular: the Kendall model suffered acne and now Proactiv will be the face. In the Acne product, he went to the Golden Globes last year, his experience. His acne was called, he felt disapproval, and then gave him power, but wanted to get rid of acne. "For me, I can honestly say that magic was Proactiv [in clearing it]said the ad.

Some people were convinced that Jenner could speak very seriously, for example, anxiety, while the announcement was announced during two days, it is not surprising that Twitter had a lot of innovation and disappointment.

Here are the best reactions to Jenner Proactiv:

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